Easy Potting Bench Makeover

The Tattered Pew

Have an old potting bench that needs a little bit TLC? Don't throw it out with a bit of time, paint and love it can look good as new. Let me show you how! 

Prepare Potting  Bench


 Find an old bench (great places to search are garage sales and FB Marketplace) Clean it off and get it ready to give it the makeover!

Gather the Supplies


– Miss Mustard Seed Boxwood milk paint – hand held sanding sponge – paint brush (use an old or inexpensive utility one) – wood sealer – Potting Bench

Prepare & Sand


Hand sand the entire potting bench outside. I used a simple 120 fine hand sponge seen in the picture above but any electric sander would work as well Honestly, it's what I already had and it worked just fine!

Pick your Paint


Decide what color you would like your bench to be. I chose Boxwood Green. Do as many coats as you need until it has the coverage you are looking for.

Milk Paint


I chose to use milk paint to give it a vintage and chippy look since it will be outdoors. If you want to know more about milk paint you can swipe up!

Make a Plan


Decide where you will use or have your potting bench in your outdoor space. I chose a shady spot so when planting it would be cooler. 

Protect Your Potting Bench


If you choose to paint your outdoor potting bench then you will need to make sure it is protected from the elements. 

Enjoy Your Potting Bench

Now that you have a new potting bench it's time to put it to use and enjoy it! Enjoy it enjoy your garden!

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Kelly Radcliff