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Easy Tips for Growing Limelight Hydrangea Trees

The Tattered Pew

Limelight hydrangea trees! Have you heard of or seen these lovely trees? These low maintenance plants produce beautiful and charming blooms.

The blooms start out as a lovely pale green and are about 10-inches in size when in full bloom. They look like mini footballs in shape and have a dramatic look because of their size.

Buying Tip


 Make sure the leaves and branches on your tree match what you are seeing in yards around you. If they are not naturally blooming in your area don't buy blooming plants from a nursery.

Limelight Tree Care


These trees are very hardy! They require minimal care. Fertilize at the beginning of Spring, give it full sun, water and repeat. For more in depth details swipe up below!

A Container Tree?


A large container is recommended for the size of this tree.  The same care is recommended for this tree no matter where it is planted.

Soil for Limelight Hydrangea Trees


hey do typically prefer soil with a neutral to acidic pH. But unlike some other hydrangea varieties, the soil pH does not change the color of their blooms.

What Hardiness Zone Is Best for Limelight Hydrangea Trees?


They are known to do best in Zones 3-8. You can google your personal growing zone online. Or get my FREE zone guide below!

How Big Do They Get?


These trees can get up to 6-8 feet tall and sometimes taller. They are still technically classified as a dwarf tree.

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Kelly Radcliff