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How to Make Pool Noodle Art In a Frame

The Tattered Pew

Are you looking for an inexpensive and creative way to add some art to your home? Today I am so excited to show you how easy it is to make pool noodle art in a frame using just a few supplies.

Are you ready? This project is inexpensive, easy and fun to make and tasteful. Let's get started!

Grab those Supplies


Find yourself an old and empty frame. Then head to the dollar store and get yourself some pool noodles, cardboard, x-acto knife, hot glue, moss and faux succulents.

Prep Your Frame


Next you will begin by prepping your frame. If your frame  already has art in it this is where you will decide if you should leave it, and just cover it with your pool noodles, or pop it out and add cardboard.

Prep and Attach Your Pool Noodles


Measure your space, then  rip your noodles in half to create a flatter surface to attach them to the cardboard.

Paint Your Pool Noodle Art


Paint your pool noodles so they will blend in with the color of moss you choose to cover your noodles with.

Attach Your Moss


Next, attach your moss of choice and color using a hot glue gun. Hold up your frame and look for empty spots to fill in with extra moss.

Add Your Succulents


Finally, pick which succulents you want to add. Push them into the gaps of the noodles and secure them with hot glue as well. Space them out as you please!

Decorating With Pool Noodles?

I never imagined I would decorate with pool noodles but now I'm in love. Swipe up to see how you can do it as well!

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Kelly Radcliff