Hydrangea Delights: A Gardener's Guide

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

  Hydrangeas are a gardener's dream, but growing them can be intimidating. Fear not! Join me on a journey to unravel the secrets of these stunning blooms.   


Varieties Of Hydrangeas: Discover the enchanting world of hydrangea varieties, from the classic mophead to the delicate lacecap. Each offers its own unique charm to enhance your garden.

Pruning Hydrangeas Old wood or new wood? Pruning techniques demystified! Learn the art of pruning to maximize blooms and keep your hydrangeas thriving.


 How to Plant Hydrangeas Timing is key! Find out when and where to plant your hydrangeas for optimal growth. Get ready to create a shaded haven for these delicate beauties.


Fertilizer for Fabulous Blooms Feed your hydrangeas with the nutrients they crave. Discover the best fertilizers to fuel their growth and ensure an explosion of vibrant blooms.


Are Hydrangeas Perennials? Celebrate the joy of perennial beauty! Learn why hydrangeas are the gift that keeps on giving, returning year after year to grace your garden.


When Do Hydrangeas Bloom? Timing is everything when it comes to blooming. Explore the seasons when hydrangeas burst forth in all their splendor, turning your garden into a floral paradise.


 Changing the Colors of Your Hydrangeas  Dive into the world of pH levels and soil composition to create the hues your heart desires. Pink or blue, the choice is yours.


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