4 Budget Friendly Solar Fountain Ideas 

The Tattered Pew

If you love the sound of water but not the cost of a water feature, you will enjoy the ease and cost of a budget friendly solar fountain!

Decide On a Solar Fountain


 These fountains are budget friendly! Measure your space or the vessel you plan to add your solar fountain to. This will let you know what size to buy. 

Sun Is a Must

When deciding on a location in your yard or garden the only this that must be considered is that your solar fountain is in full sun!

Try It in a Bowl


These sweet little fountains are perfect for floating in a bowl. I used a black pedestal bowl that was my grandmothers. Perfect fit!

Add It to a Saucer


Place your solar fountain in a saucer from a pot. Add some small pebbles or rocks for stability. Prop it on a chair or small table.

Ceramic Planter


Why not try adding your solar fountain to the inside of a pot? Make sure to add a plastic saucer to hold it and the water. An unexpected fountain. Just make sure there is sun!

Try a Tray


Try adding your solar fountain to a tray. Just make sure it is clean and sealed so the water does not leak. Great for moving or adding to a table for a centerpiece. 

More Ideas Anyone Can Do

* Birdbath * Ponds * Fish tanks * Swimming pools * Gardens * Parties * Centerpieces on tables

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Kelly Radcliff