7 Creative Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a budget

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

Turn your boring backyard into the gorgeous retreat you have always dreamed of. 

Give these 10 creative backyard landscaping ideas on a budget a try, and you will find your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Slowly consider adding  a few of these next things to your backyard to make it your own little oasis. Remember,  quality takes time!


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Retaining Walls Define Spaces. This is an easy DIY and helps create usable spaces.


Transplant Plants and Flowers. Hosta, lilies and sedum are just a few of the easiest to divide & transplant.


Easy DIY Backyard Projects. Create a potting table, build a ladder or create planters.


Alternative Planters. Why not try planting in an old wheel barrow or vintage copper tub. Nothing is off limits and unusual planters add character. 



Composting. This saves, the earth, money and compost is amazing for your plants!

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