A Beginners Guide to Planting Beautiful Flower Pots

The Tattered Pew

Planting your own flower pots may seem a bit intimidating at first. But like the saying goes, you just have to get your hands dirty! 

Decide What Flowers to Buy


 For pots it is common to choose annuals. Make sure to look for sun vs. shade depending on where your pot will be located. You might even find a pre-potted option!

Rule of Three


This no fail rule of three will give you beautiful pots every time! Make sure each pot has a thriller , filler and spiller! Read on for each type.



These are the tall, show off, bold, focus plants or flowers. These are usually placed in the center of your pot. (My favorites: Coleus, Geraniums, Spike, grasses)



The flower or plants that fill the space. Does not overwhelm the focus plant and are generally shorter than your thriller.  (favorites: Lobelia,  Petunias, Impatiens, Salvia, Vinca)



The spillers flow down over the lip of your pot and draw your eye down. (My favorites: Creeping Jenny, Sweet Potato Vine, Calibrachoa, Ivy and Lobelia.)

Top Materials Needed


*Soil labeled for potting mix *container/pot with drainage holes *trowel/shovel *gloves *flowers *watering can

Pots & Containers

Don't be afriad to use unusual pots or containers. Just make sure they are lined and have drainage holes. Terracotta pots are my favorite typical pot for flowers!

Watering is Key


Making sure your flower pots are well watered is very important! You can do hand watering, add a drip line or even use water globes!

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Kelly Radcliff