Easy Ways to Style faux Flowers

The Tattered Pew

Faux flowers are a great way to add color to any space. Learn how to style them so they look real with all the beauty but none of the hard work!

Why Faux Flowers?


 Using faux flowers is a great way to save money, they require no water,  they can be re-used over and over and they add great color. Faux flowers these days look incredibly real!

Try Them in a Pitcher!


Look through your cabinets and find a fun pitcher to drop your faux flowers into! Look for coordinating colors to your flowers, texture and shape. Nothing is off limits!

Simple & Vintage


Look for a plain white simple vessel. If you can find a vintage piece, even better! A round vintage or thrifted soup tureen is perfect for holding faux flowers. 

Bold & Beautiful


Try bold colors that make a statement when choosing a vase. This blue and white vase pops against the pink faux peonies! Plus you can just drop them in.

Don't Forget the Greenery


Look for faux greenery with similar size stems to your faux flowers. These stems will help prop up your flowers and fill in the empty spaces. 

Just Try!


There are so many ways to style faux flowers! But the number one rule is to jsut try and have fun. Use what you have and love!

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Kelly Radcliff