Hostas in Containers: Growing Beautiful Shade Plants in Pots

The Tattered Pew

 Have you ever wondered if you could plant hostas in pots? Well the answer is yes! Learn some great tips and tricks for helping them thrive.

When it comes to planting hostas in pots, choosing the right hosta plant is important. You need to make sure they will fit in your container. 

Choosing the Right Hostas

Selecting the Right Pot or Container


You want to make sure your container has drainage and will fit the full grown hosta plant. 


 Hostas LOVE organic compost but any potting mix will do. If you have the option to mix in some compost, do it!

Soil and Potting Mix

Watering and Moisture Management


Make sure to water regularly. Look at your soil and if it is dry water your hosta. Overwatering can lead to root rot so pay attention. 

 The best time to plant hostas is in the early fall. Choose a pot on the smaller side for the mature plant. This keeps them healthy and happy!

Planting Techniques

Fertilizing and Nutrient Needs


 Fertilizing hostas a few times a season will help encourage green leaves. Adding compost to the soil is a benefit as well! 

Pest and Disease Management


Crushed eggshells and beer have been know to keep slugs and pests away from hostas!

Cut back the leaves when they are brown and plan to bring pots into your unheated garage to winter your hostas. 

Seasonal Care and Maintenance


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