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How  To  Dry Hydrangeas

If you love flowers, beautiful decorating and staying on a budget when doing so, then you will fall in love with dried flowers like I have!

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How To Know When to Cut Your Hydrangeas

If you cut them too soon they will still be holding too much water and shrivel up rather than dry beautifully.

Once you have cut them make sure to strip all leaves from the stems and also leave the stems long for easy handling and arranging.

It is best to keep them out of direct sunlight while they are drying.

You have two options for drying them:

1. You can place them in vases with about 4 inches of water and then let the water naturally evaporate. (This method seems to allow the bright green color of the petals to last longer.)

2. You can also just leave them out of water and they will naturally dry themselves without any work from you!


The prime time to cut, specifically Annabelle hydrangeas which are shown in my pictures, is when they turn from white to bright green.

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