DIY  101

How to Make a Dried Peony Wreath

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

Why use peonies? Because they dry beautifully...


*Fresh Peony Blooms *Large Grapevine Wreath *Faux Greenery *Scissors *Floral Wire

Attach Your greenery


Layer your wreath with some faux or real greenery. This adds colorful dimension.

Attach Your Peonies


Secure the stem of your first peony to the wreath using floral wire. Continue attaching peonies to the wreath. Make sure you cover the entire wreath with peonies.

Fill in Any Gaps


The more flower blooms the better. Your wreath will thank you once the flowers dry because they shrink.

Let Your Flowers Dry On Wreath


Once your wreath is done, store your wreath in a dry area or covered space as you wait for your flowers to dry.

Care Tips


Keep your wreath out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, so the peonies don't  fade or become damaged. You can also spritz your wreath lightly with hairspray to help it maintain its shape and prevent shedding.

Hang & Enjoy Your Wreath

Your beautiful dried peony wreath is now complete! To hang your wreath, use a wreath hanger or attach a ribbon to hang it. ENJOY!

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Kelly Radcliff