Teen Boy Closet Ideas

The Tattered Pew

Have a teen boy and need some closet ideas to encourage them to actually put their clothes away? Here are a few great ideas that will get you started.

Start with a Blank Space


 The best place to start when designing a closet is to completely empty it so you can take measurements and make plans. 

Make a Plan


Reach out to professional closet companies to get quotes and have them design plans based on your needs. Pick the one that fits your budget.

Plan for Storage


Think practically and make sure to add drawers for storage. This helps hide clutter and clothes and gives the opportunity to eliminate a dresser. 

Add Laundry Hampers


Teen boys have lots of dirty clothes. Give the option of putting them away with easy laundry baskets that are integrated into the closet. A great idea is to have multiple ones. 

Shelves are Key


Don't forget to make sure your closet design includes several shelves. These are great for folded clothes or smaller objects or even shoes. Teen boys love shoes!

Sliding Baskets


A great teen boy closet idea is to include sliding baskets that are open so you can see in them. These are easy to throw socks and underwear in.

Hanging Storage

Don't forget to make sure to add plenty of space for hanging clothes. Decide if you need space for long or short items to hang. 

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Kelly Radcliff