The Perfect Teen Boy Closet Makeover


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The perfect teen boy closet makeover.

Now that our oldest is off to college, there has been some shuffling of bedrooms at our house. Our 16 year old has moved to the bedroom in our basement and our 10 year old has moved into his old room upstairs. The basement bedroom is bigger and more private but according to our son “had a few draw backs”. The main draw back being the closet. Thus we started the “teen boy closet makeover” adventure!

The Teen Boy Closet Before

Here is what the basement closet looked like before. A very boring space with absolutely no storage.

BEFORE-Teen closet makeover

Teen Boy Closet Design Process

Both my husband and I have installed closets before (click HERE to see the girl’s closet)  but at this time we were just too busy to take on another project.

So we decided to search for a company to install one for us. I started by googling local companies who install closets. Number one on my search was Space Crafters here in Northern Colorado. They had fabulous reviews so I gave them a call.

The owner Jason came out the next day and provided a free in-home consultation. Immediately after meeting him I was impressed by his professionalism and the quality of his previous projects.

I shared pictures with him of what our son was looking for and he created a design for us on the spot! He showed me samples of different designs, wood colors, etc. and even tweaked a few things to make sure this closet fit in our budget.

It was such an easy process! Here is what he came up with.

Things to Consider When Planning a Teen Boy Closet Design

What Needs to Be Stored

When diving into the exciting world of teen boy closet design, the first key consideration is identifying what needs to be stored. We looked at how much drawer spaced we needed versus how much hanging space.

Take stock of the diverse array of clothing items, accessories, and personal belongings that make up their daily life. From school uniforms to sports gear and casual wear, understanding the unique storage requirements will guide the design process, ensuring that every item finds its place seamlessly within the closet’s organized confines.

How Will the Closet be Used

Beyond mere storage, think on how the closet will be actively used in the teen’s daily routine. Consider their morning rush to get ready for school or the ease with which they can access their favorite outfits.

A well-designed closet should not only store items efficiently but also facilitate a smooth and intuitive daily routine. From easily accessible shelves for daily wear to specialized compartments for sports equipment, envisioning the practical use of the closet ensures it becomes a functional and time-saving space.

How Will it Support Everyday Needs

The teen boy’s closet should seamlessly support their everyday needs, fostering a sense of independence and organization.

Think about incorporating features like pull-out drawers for shoes, adjustable shelving for changing storage needs, and ample hanging space for various clothing types.

A thoughtful design that anticipates and addresses their daily requirements ensures that the closet becomes a reliable ally in navigating the challenges of a bustling teenage lifestyle.

Organization and function: The perfect teen closet makeover

Materials to be Used

Choosing the right materials is a pivotal decision in crafting a durable and aesthetically pleasing teen boy closet.

Opt for materials that can withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle, such as sturdy hardwood or quality laminate. Boys can be rough on things!

Consider the longevity of materials to ensure the closet can evolve with the teen and won’t fall apart in a year.

Additionally, choose finishes that are easy to clean, providing practicality without compromising on style. This way, the closet not only serves its purpose but also stands the test of time.

Style and Look

Infusing the teen boy’s closet with a style that resonates with their personality is essential.

Collaborate with them to choose a design that reflects their unique taste, whether it’s a sleek and modern aesthetic or a more rustic and personalized look. We showed our son several on-line images and images on Pinterest to gauge his must haves and his style.

From color schemes to decorative elements, the closet should be a visually appealing space that feels like an extension of the teen’s personality. Incorporating these stylistic touches ensures the closet is not just a storage space but a visually pleasing and inviting part of their room.

We are leaving the closet doors off of this teen boy closet makeover.

Design Features to Consider for a Teen Boy Closet

Designing a teen boy’s closet involves more than just organizing clothes; it’s about creating a space that caters to their unique needs and fosters a sense of independence. Here are some design features to consider that go beyond the basics:

  1. Innovative Laundry System: Integrate a practical and teen-friendly laundry system within the closet design. Consider a built-in hamper or laundry baskets to make the process of collecting and sorting clothes a breeze. This not only encourages good habits but also keeps the room tidy and organized.
  2. Creative Organization Solutions: Think outside the conventional closet design by incorporating creative organization solutions. Utilize hanging organizers or hooks for accessories like hats, ties, or bags. Magnetic boards or pegboards on the closet doors provide a customizable space for displaying favorite items or keeping track of schedules. This not only adds a touch of personalization but also enhances the functionality of the closet.
  3. Small Drawers and Cubbies: Embrace the power of small drawers and cubbies for organizing accessories and smaller items. These compartments are perfect for storing watches, jewelry, or even gadgets. Incorporate adjustable dividers to accommodate changing needs, allowing the teen to customize their storage space as their interests evolve.
  4. Shoe Storage Solutions: Devote a specific area for shoe storage within the closet. Consider pull-out shelves or slanted racks for easy access and visibility. If space allows, a shoe carousel or rotating rack can be a fun and efficient way to store a variety of footwear while maximizing space.
  5. Tech-Friendly Features: Recognize the digital age in your teen’s life by incorporating tech-friendly features. Add charging stations or outlets within the closet for devices like phones, tablets, air pods, alarm clocks or laptops. This ensures that their tech essentials are not only organized but also readily accessible and ready to go.
  6. Seating Nook: If space permits, create a cozy seating nook within the closet. This can be a perfect spot for the teen to sit and put on shoes, try on outfits, or just unwind. Consider adding a cushioned bench or a small chair to make this corner of the closet inviting and functional.
  7. Task Lighting: Illuminate the closet with task lighting to ensure that every corner is well-lit. LED strips or adjustable spotlights can be strategically placed to enhance visibility, making it easier for the teen to locate items, especially during early mornings or late nights.
The after :Teen boy closet makeover reveal.

Remember, the key to an effective teen boy closet design is to blend functionality with a touch of personal style. By incorporating these creative design features, you can craft a closet that not only meets their practical needs but also becomes a favorite spot within their room.

The Actual Teen Boy Closet Design

Once our son saw this design he was so excited. It was just what he wanted and needed! So we gave Jason the green light and schedule the installation.

We only waited a few weeks and once installation day came the closet was in and completely done in just a few short hours!

Teen boys closet makeover design

The Teen Boy Closet After

Here is how it turned out. It could not be more perfect for our son! He loves the look and loves that he doesn’t need a dresser in his room.

This built in closet is teen boy approved!

The built in drawers and shelves are so efficient and replace the need for a dresser. I love all of the storage and the ascetics of the closet which is perfect because we plan to leave the closet doors off.

Next we will be working on the rest of his room so keep your eyes peeled for more bedroom posts!

Teen boy closet with all of the essential built ins.

However his favorite part is the pull out laundry bins. Now if we could just get him to actually use them.

Teen Boy Closet Design and Makeover

So what do you think? It passed the teen boy inspection so that makes us happy! I have to say our teen boy closet makeover came out better than we even imagined! Our son is happy with his new space and I am so thankful to have made such a great connection with the local Space Crafters company. If you are in Northern Colorado and in need of a custom space in your home I highly recommend Jason at Space Crafters. You can tell him Kelly sent you:) 

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