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DIY Aged Copper Look

Learn how to quickly get the look of aged copper with this easy and affordable technique.

How To Quickly Get The Look Of Aged Copper

Lets go! >>>

>    Metal Masters Patina Kit  >    Paintbrush and sponge brush or       spray bottle. >    Garbage bag or newspaper to       protect your work surface >    Decorative lanterns  >    Paper bowls for the paint and       aging solution >    Tape (optional)

Supplies Needed

Step 1:

The first step in making your lanterns look like aged copper involves preparation. Make sure to have a large, clean work space. I used our outdoor table and laid a garbage bag down to protect the wood.

Step 2:

This second step is very important. This is where you apply not one but two coats of the Metal Effects copper primer to your surface.

Step 3:

Once your primer is completely dry you will add your first coat of the Metal Effects copper oxidizing paint. This paint has real metal particles and leaves an oxidized metal finish.

Step 4:

While the second coat is still wet you add your green patina aging solution. You can sponge it on or spray it on with a spray bottle. Either method seems to work just fine! I really lathered it on all over the entire lanterns.

Step 5:

Wait and watch the magic happen! Honestly I started seeing the solution work its magic in a matter of minutes. The patina was showing through and looked beautiful. I was amazed and so pleased with the results.

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