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DIY Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

I am all about keeping things simple, cheap and easy.

>   Nail Gun >   Tape Measure >   Scissors >   1-2 Bottles of      bleach >   1 Drop cloth 12 ft x      15 ft.

Supplies Needed


Measure out the length and width of the bed. I stretched out the cloth to the end of the box spring and then doubled the length (folded it back over) since I knew I would be giving it a pleat.


After I cut my pieces, I used the bleach to make the drop cloth whiter. I soaked them all day.


I ran the drop cloths through a normal wash cycle 2 times, then dried them. 


Once I had the pieces laid out on the box spring I was able to fold over little bits of fabric to form a pleat.


Once I had the pleats the way I liked them I began using the nail gun.


Once the length of the skirt was done I moved on to the skirt portion that would be covering the foot of the bed.


Then I once again completed my pleating first and then finished with nailing the pleats down.

Click below for the full tutorial on this DIY Bed Skirt!

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