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Harvesting Zinnia Seeds

Their vibrant colors, ease of growing and charming appearances are a true delight, but did you know you can keep their beauty going year after year by harvesting and saving zinnia seeds?

A Guide to Harvesting Zinnia Seeds

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Step 1:

First things first, timing is everything. To harvest zinnia seeds, you need to let the flowers do their thing throughout the growing season.

Step 2:

These are the little pods that contain the magic of zinnia seed saving. You’ll notice that the petals have dried and fallen off, leaving behind the seed heads.

Step 3:

Now comes the fun part – harvesting zinnia seeds! Grab a pair of scissors or garden shears and carefully snip off the seed heads.

Step 4:

Place your freshly harvested seed heads in a dry place. I like to use a paper bag with small holes punched in it, as it allows for good air circulation while keeping the seeds contained.

Step 5:

Now that you’ve successfully harvested and dried your zinnia seeds, it’s time to save them for future planting.

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