Have an old footstool with good bones but in need of a facelift? Recovering it may be easier than you think!


Find a lovely old stool for this simple DIY project! Places to search: flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, your home!

Gather Your Supplies *Fabric scrap *Trim *Fabric scissors *Staple gun *Hot glue Gun 


Fabric: Lining It Up : The first thing you want to do is find a scrap of fabric and then make sure that you have enough of that fabric. Line it up so it is pleasing to the eye.


Staple  Your Fabric On. Staple the fabric  tight & as close to the wood as possible. Leaving excess that can be trimmed off.


Add Some Trim. Finish off the edges of your stool with some trim. Apply using hot glue gun.



Trim Tip. use the ends of your scissors to press down the trim so the hot glue does not burn your fingers!

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