Pick Your Flowers & Greenery


Stick to one color scheme (like all white) with pops of greenery for an elevated look!

First, set a bowl in the bottom of the basket. Your flowers will flop in a bowl unless you use the crisscross tape method. This supports the stems.


Create a Foundation

Layer & Layer Some More


Start with a base layer of greens, then flowers, layer more greenery then flowers. Repeat until your arrangement is full.


Remember, there really is no wrong or right way to add your flowers. Take your time, have fun and enjoy the process. This should be fun and something you feel proud of when you have finished. If it's not, start over and try again!

The Perfect Centerpiece


Displaying Your Flowers


Add your basket to a countertop or table to display. Keep your flowers fresh  by adding a penny!

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Kelly Radcliff