How To Make A Flower Arrangement In A Basket

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Learn how easy it is to make a flower arrangement in a basket! Plus learn my secret tip for making it last longer.

Dive into these tips for how to make a flower arrangement in a basket and look like a pro!

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Let’s Make a Fresh Flower Arrangement In a Basket

I don’t know about you but once Spring rolls around or is on the horizon, I love picking up fresh flowers at the store. If I can’t have flowers out in my garden then I love to have them inside.

So on my latest trip I picked up some beautiful white tulips, greenery and baby’s breath and decided to make a flower arrangement with them in a basket!

Get Ready For Some Spring Décor Inspiration

Today I am joining some lovely friends for a Spring Décor Inspiration blog hop hosted by Pasha of Pasha Is Home.

If you are hopping over from my talented friend Kristen of White Arrows Home, Welcome! Didn’t you just love her Spring decorating ideas with thrifted milk glass?

white tulips, greenery and baby's breath

I’m Kelly and I’m so glad you are here to hang out with me. I have a very simple DIY that will have your family and friends asking if you are a professional flower arranger!

How To Make A Flower Arrangement In A Basket

Friends this is hands down one of the easiest flower arrangements that I have ever put together! And it might also be the prettiest. (I promise I’m usually humble!)

Where to Buy Fresh Flowers Inexpensively

And it all starts with the fresh flowers.

My number one tip is to source cheap flowers. And my go to spot is usually always Trader Joe’s or my own yard (depending on the time of the year)! Here are a few other spots for fresh flowers:

  • Local Farmer’s Markets: Farmer’s markets often have local vendors selling fresh flowers at reasonable prices. Since they are sourced locally, they can be more affordable compared to flowers from large retailers.
  • Wholesale Flower Markets: If you have access to a wholesale flower market, you can buy flowers in bulk at lower prices. These markets typically supply flowers to florists but may also allow individual buyers.
  • Supermarkets: Many supermarkets have a floral section where you can find fresh flowers at reasonable prices. They often offer seasonal deals and discounts.
  • Online Flower Retailers: There are several online retailers that specialize in selling fresh flowers at affordable prices. Look for ones that offer discounts, especially for bulk orders, and check customer reviews to ensure quality.
  • Local Florists: Some local florists may offer budget-friendly options, especially if you’re flexible with flower choices and arrangements. They may also have sales or discounts during certain times of the year.
  • Community Gardens or Allotments: Some communities have gardens or allotments where residents grow flowers and may be willing to sell them at affordable prices.
  • Pick Your Own Farms: Certain farms allow visitors to pick their own flowers for a fee, which can be a cost-effective way to get fresh flowers while enjoying a day out.
  • DIY Gardens: If you have space and time, consider growing your own flowers. This can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to have fresh blooms regularly.
Trader Joe's flowers are the most affordable for arrangements.

And to make your arrangement look more professional I always suggest sticking with a monochromatic color scheme of flowers. They can be a variety but they should all coordinate! (all pinks, all yellows, all purples, etc.)

I went for all white flowers with pops of greenery. These gorgeous creamy white tulips from Trader Joe’s were calling my name!

Find Your Basket or Container

Once you have your flowers selected then you will want to find your container. This is what makes your arrangement special!

I found this huge basket at a flea market last Spring and have always wanted to put flowers in it.

I suggest looking for baskets that are deep so you can place a vessel in it and not have it be seen. (think Easter basket style) I often find great handled baskets at thrift stores, flea markets and even on Facebook Marketplace!

Large woven basket perfect for Spring flowers.

BONUS: By selecting a basket for your flower arrangement you will be able to easily move your arrangement from place to place!

How to Arrange Flowers In a Basket Using a Bowl

So many people were wondering the best way to display flowers in a basket. The easiest way I have found is to set a bowl in the bottom of the basket.

This bowl will hold the water and the flowers so your basket will not get ruined. Plus, most baskets won’t hold water obviously, so the bowl is the perfect option if your basket is round.

The beginnings of a tulips flower arrangement in a basket.

Criss-Cross Tape Method for Flower Arrangements

Your flowers will flop in a bowl unless you use the criss-cross tape method. This supports the stems and helps your flowers look visually proportioned in your vessel and allows the display to work.

The criss-cross tape method, also known as grid or tic-tac-toe method, is a technique used in flower arranging to create a grid pattern on top of the vase or vessel opening using clear floral tape or scotch tape.

Use tape o your bowl to support your flowers.
I tucked some moss around the white bowl so it wouldn’t show through the basket!

By placing horizontal and vertical strips of tape across the mouth of the vase (or bowl), a grid is formed, which helps support and position the flowers within the arrangement.

This method allows for better control over the placement of each stem, preventing them from falling to the sides or clustering together, resulting in a more balanced and visually appealing floral display. Additionally, the grid structure helps to distribute water evenly to each stem, prolonging the freshness of the flowers.

After you have the tape on and bowl secure and in place, add your water before you add your flowers.

How to Arrange Fresh Flowers In a Basket

Start with your base layer of tulips and greenery and build from there.

Make sure to cut off a few inches off your flower stems at a 45 degree angle. This will allow your flowers to soak up more water as well as help them fit in your container!

You can see in the picture above and below that the first layer of tulips and greenery simply lay on the basket. This will give the arrangement a fuller look as you work your way up and in.

Layering white tulips an my basket arrangement.

Next, I grabbed 3 stems and poked them in to each space. This allowed them to fill the space and stand up in the squares created by the tape!

I would do tulips and then greenery and finally add the baby’s breath in last to fill in the gaps. I repeated this until my basket was full and I was out of flowers.

Make sure to spin you basket around to see it from every angle so you can fill in any gaps!

A pretty green and white flower arrangement in a basket!

Remember, there really is no wrong or right way to add your flowers. Take your time, have fun and enjoy the process. This should be fun and something you feel proud of when you have finished. If it’s not, start over and try again!

Basket Flower Arrangement Ideas

There are so many great flower arrangement ideas and I am always looking for new and unique ways to display flowers around my home and if you know me you know I love baskets and decorating with them on our home. Here are some other ideas for flower arrangements in baskets:

  • Try adding flowers to a hanging basket on your wall.
  • Grab an old picnic basket and fill it with vases of flowers.
  • Find mini little baskets and fill them with flowers and set them at an individual place settings at your table.
  • Fill a rattan basket/bag with flowers and hang it on a wall or door like I did in our bedroom.
  • Look for unique baskets at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales or Etsy!
5 affordable ways to give your bedroom a spring refresh
Our bedroom with bag of pink flowers (they are faux!) See more here!

How Do You Keep Flowers Fresh In A Basket

Now that you have your gorgeous flower arrangement completed you will want to keep it fresh!

Plus, I have a little secret that I always add to my tulips. Want to know what it is?

It’s a penny!

How to make a flower arrangement in a basket.

Yep! They say the copper in the penny is a fungicide and kills bacteria that grows in the flowers or water and can shorten the life of your stems. The copper prevents the bacteria and helps the tulips last longer. (This is also why I use Neem Oil with copper on my zinnias to get rid of fungus!)

Some people think it helps the tulips from drooping but I’m not convinced! Really they just need more water as they are thirsty.

Of course you must make sure to add fresh water daily.

Displaying Your Flowers

Now comes the fun part! Carry your basket of flowers to where you plan to display them. I plopped mine down right in the center of our dinng room table and it instantly made them whole room light up!

Spring table with white tulip flowers in a basket.

This centerpiece will be one your family and friends talk about and one you can be proud of!

Isn’t she lovely? I’m obsessed and think I might try a different color and different combo of flowers next, but in the same basket of course!

Shop My Tablescape

Commonly Asked Questions About Fresh Flower Arrangements in Baskets

  1. How do I keep the flowers fresh in a basket arrangement? People often inquire about the best practices for maintaining the freshness of the flowers in a basket arrangement. This includes tips on watering frequency, using flower food, and keeping the arrangement away from direct sunlight or drafts. And don’t forget to try my penny trick too!
  2. Can I customize the flower selection in a basket arrangement? Yes this is YOUR flower arrangement. Do what makes you happy! Pick your favorite flowers!
  3. How long will the basket arrangement last? Your best bet is to create it the day of your even and then it should last for a week. Sometimes a bit more!
  4. What size basket do I need for my arrangement? Choosing the right-sized basket can be crucial for the overall look and stability of the arrangement. Large baskets with handles seem to work well. But so would a basket without a handle! Just make sure a bowl can fit in the bottom!
  5. Can I add additional decorative elements to the basket arrangement? Yes! You might want to add moss, ribbon or fun picks that fir your theme! Get creative!
  6. What is the rule of 3 in floral arrangements? The rule of 3 in floral arrangement suggests that using odd numbers of flowers, foliage, or elements creates a more visually appealing and balanced composition.
  7. What makes a good floral arrangement? A good floral arrangement balances color, texture, shape, and proportion while considering the occasion, environment, and personal preferences of the recipient.
Creamy white tulips from Trader Joe's.

A Flower Arrangement In A Basket

So are you ready to make your very own fresh flower arrangement in a basket? I can’t wait to see what you create. Please share your beautiful creations with me via email, over on Instagram or even on Facebook! I would love to share them. And as always, thanks for hanging out with me!

Now make sure to continue the Spring Décor fun by hopping on over to Anne and AnnMarie of Simply2Moms who are sharing how to decorate with faux greenery for Spring!

I’d love to have you hang out with me some more! Feel free to follow along with me on any of the platforms linked below.

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