This step-by-step guide will equip you with all the knowledge necessary to make your own 3 step flower arrangement!!



white hobnail rectangular planter faux white real touch tulips greenery stems green block print tablecloth (Not a supply but my favorite)

Choose one large enough to hold a lot and make a statement wherever you decide to display it.


Start With a Vessel

Choose Greenery


The greenery will be the base so pick some that is full. This set I used has 6 stems and comes in a pack. The large leaves are perfect for supporting flowers.


Choose your faux flowers and stick to one color! These are real touch faux tulips.

Choose Faux Flowers

Faux greens and blooms  make lovely centerpieces  that you can set and forget! Changing colors with seasons  is easy as well!


Layer in greenery setting it at an angle.


Add blooms between greenery. It will hold up the flowers.


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Kelly Radcliff