Tips & Tricks for Growing Peonies

Gardening 101

Choose the right location for your peonies. They need a spot that gets plenty of sunlight, ideally at least six hours a day.


Planting Peonies


When planting your peonies, make sure to give them enough space to grow.



Peonies are also heavy feeders, so it’s important to fertilize them regularly. I like to use a slow-release fertilizer, like bone meal or fish emulsion, in the spring and fall.

Supporting Peony Blooms


You can use peony rings, stakes, or even tomato  cages to help support the stems.

Enjoy Your Blooms


Take some time to cut and enjoy your gorgeous peony blooms!

Dry Your Blooms & Decorate With Them

Why not dry your peony blooms and use them to create a wreath! See tutorial below!

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Kelly Radcliff