5 Minute Patriotic Door Basket

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

Need a switch up from your normal wreath? Check out the simple steps and supplies needed to create your own patriotic door basket in just 5 minutes!

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Supplies Needed

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Choose Your Basket: look for a basket that has a flat back and is meant to hang on a wall or door. Basket add a different dimension that wreaths don't and they can be changed out seasonally.

Next, find some greenery stems for height, color and as fillers. Make sure they are bendable and fit in your basket Stick them in the basket and arrange them until you are happy with how they look.


Flowers Go Big or Go Home.  Choose some white flowers (for the patriotic theme) that are large enough to be seen once in the basket. Add them in!


Finally, stand back and admire your 5 minute patriotic door basket as you hang it up! This basket can last on your door all summer and be a beautiful greeting to family and friends!



Enjoy your beautiful patriotic door basket and think about all the fun ways you can change it up with the seasons. Who needs wreaths anymore? Ha!

Want to make your own patriotic door basket? What basket would you choose? Shop hanging basket options below. 

Click below for the full tutorial on this 5 minute patriotic door basket.

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