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DIY  Fall  Wreath

The inspiration for this wreath came from my friend Toni.She is constantly using natural elements and things she already has to create stunning statement piece wreaths. So I thought I would try it and I have to say… I am hooked!

Find Natural Elements

I used several branches from our Aspen trees. If you don’t have anything in your yard to use you can always head to Trader Joe’s for their awesome and cheap greenery!

Once I had the aspen leaf branches piled up on my table I started to stick them in 3/4 of the way from the top of the wreath. From here I worked my way down and around until I liked the fullness.

Since this is a rather large DIY wreath my advice is to hang it up in the space you plan to display it. From here I was able to see that there were a few bare spaces that needed additional greenery. You can add and play with the greenery while it’s on the wall!

This wouldn’t be a large DIY Fall farmhouse wreath if I left it with just this greenery. So I grabbed these billy button balls that I already had from last Fall and added them in.

I love this huge Fall wreath! I also love how the leaves have dried beautifully and still have held their green color.

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