A Fall Evening In The Garden

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Come join me for a fall evening in the garden! 

Today I am joining some blogging friends for a Fall Garden Blog Hop hosted by my good friend Stacy Ling of Bricks N’ Blooms who is the queen of gardening. I was honored to be included in this fabulous group of bloggers who are showing off their fabulous Fall gardens. I promise you will want to tour these lovely outdoor spaces so make sure to scroll to the end for each of their links.

First up on the hop is my dear friend Cecilia, of My Thrift Store Addiction. You will love her thrifty Fall garden decor!

Fall Garden Tours

A Fall Evening In The Garden

If you are new here welcome to our lovely backyard! I’m Kelly the gal behind The Tattered Pew. I’m a regular ‘ol hot mess mama and wife who needs coffee and Jesus daily…and lately wine too! If you are a returning reader, welcome back and thanks for hanging out with me.

Join me for a Fall evening in the garden here in Colorado!

I think you will enjoy how Fall is currently showing off here in Colorado! Especially in our backyard.

Why not step outside for a Fall evening in the garden?

The Story Behind The Evening

We are all friends here so I feel like I can be honest. Life has just been a bit tougher lately for me. I’m not looking for sympathy just being honest.

Candlelight, changing leaves and pumpkins...the perfect Fall evening!

I know I’m not the only one and that most of you can relate. This pandemic is taking it’s toll on so many and in so many different ways.

Colorado in the Fall is just gorgeous! Why not set up a fun night in your yard to enjoy it!

Our sedum has been beautiful this year!

Mostly it’s been tough for me personally because I am back to in person teaching hybrid style in a kindergarten classroom. I feel like I am a brand new teacher even though I have been teaching for almost 18 years! I’m often exhausted when I get home and I am still working even when I get home. My brain will not shut off and I’ve just been well, stressed. Hence, I have neglected some very important things in my life.

Wine and candles? Yes please.

Mostly my amazing husband.

Pumpkins and wine, a Fall evening in the garden.

Luckily he understands and is incredible and has been helping in all of the areas around our home. (honestly he always helps but even more so lately) He has been working from home to help our kids with remote learning. He has cooked or planned dinner on most nights, done tons of loads of laundry, drove the soccer carpool, and so many other things that have taken the load off of me as I transition into this new style of teaching. 

Pumpkins, plaid and candles in the Fall garden.

Hands down he is my angel and best friend and I wanted to surprise him with a little thank you!

So I decided to do something about it. I set up a little date evening for us out in our backyard. We needed some alone time together. A garden date if you will!

A fall evening in the garden for two!

 So I decided to use my painted potting bench as a table and gathered up our favorite Frank Family wine, put together a charcuterie board and grabbed all the candles I could find! I wanted him to know that I love him and that I was thankful for him.

Why not float some candles in a faux pumpkin in your garden?

Not surprisingly I even hauled my DIY faux pumpkin with floating votives out back as well all the pumpkins from our front porch. It was a labor of love! 🙂

Adding a bit of ambiance to our Fall garden date!

We needed some alone time to just chat and not worry about the to-do list and I wanted it to be special. The leaves have been showing off big time so I knew this was the perfect corner of our garden.

The perfect Colorado Fall evening in the garden.

Once the sun started going down I have to say it was quite magical and surprisingly not chilly! The perfect Fall evening.

Pumpkins and candles, yes please!

We chatted and listened to each other and he loved this fun little surprise. Our own private little date in the backyard. 

Our Cairn Terrier pup Zoey loves fall too!

Sweet Kona, our wheaten terrier puppy loves the Fall backyard!

Oh, and the dogs came too.

A wonderful Fall evening for two in the garden!

I love that it wasn’t hard to find a little spot for us outback to enjoy some time together. The kids were inside enjoying homemade mini pizzas and all was right in our world…even if it was just for a few moments.

Just the two of us enjoying Fall in Colorado!
My love and I at the pumpkin patch last week.


Our Fall Evening In The Garden Date

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at a Fall evening in the garden! I would love to know your favorite at home date set up…just leave me a comment below!

A Fall evening in the garden for two!

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AN outdoor sanctuary for two...a Fall evening in the garden!

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  1. I loved seeing what you did for your special evening with your husband. He sounds like an amazing guy! I can’t imagine how hard it has been for teachers like you during this crazy time. Sending you lots of hugs my friend. Loved the green blanket BTW!

  2. Kelly it sounds like the perfect backyard evening date! The colors in your backyard are incredible. I have a kindergartener and we are 100% online right now, I can’t imagine how challenging your job must be right now!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! We are so thankful for this haven of ours. Being a teacher during these times is hard and so is being a parent. I pray your sweet little one has a good year no matter the circumstances!

  3. I can only imagine how hard it’s been for you as a teacher. A date night in your gorgeous yard is a grand idea. I used to live in Colorado and you can not beat fall evenings!

  4. I love this Fall date night. Your tree is gorgeous! The decor is perfect. The dogs look adorable. What a great shot of you and your husband.

  5. Kelly, your fall garden is breathtaking! I love your cozy green throw, too! Always a pleasure to join you on a tour! Pinned, tweeted, and sharing on IG! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. I can’t even imagine how difficult this year has been as a teacher! Thank you for doing all that you do! I love your garden! It looks so pretty in fall. And that green blanket – I need to get one! xoxoxo

    1. Stacy you are so kind. I can’t hide the fact that it’s been the hardest year yet in my teaching career. But I am choosing to find the joy and this was a perfect moment with the one I love!

  7. Loving your fall date night. The pandemic has gotten to me too. NJ is still so closed off our banks aren’t even open.

    We have had it in our state. Small businesses are starting to buck the system because they can’t survive much longer. I feel horrible and angry.

    Your date night cheered me up. Dogs are always allowed.


    1. Thanks Cindy. Yes, it been rough here in Colorado too. Things are starting to slowly open back up but gosh I don’t know how much longer I can do this! I’m glad this cheered you up..it helped us too!

  8. What a wonderful gift and tribute to my son in law! He is a great guy. You certainly captured your beautiful autumn backyard. Love everything about this!

  9. You created a magical spot in your backyard to enjoy with your husband. Having some quiet one on one time with him sounded like just what both of you needed. I have worried so much over my teacher friends these past few months. From what my teacher friends have told me, the workload never ends. I hate the reason why I am no longer teaching, but I sure am glad that I don’t have school stress on top of what I’m already dealing with. I hope you and your hubby have many more quiet date nights in your future.

  10. Kelly your husband is lucky to have you and so are your students! I am going through the same kinds of things but at least I have 6th-12th grade students who are a bit more self-sufficient. I can’t imagine this with k (I have had k-12 music in the past.)

    Your fall date night set up deserves magazine recognition! Gorgeous photography and love the sentiment!

    Enjoy that gorgeous foliage!

    1. Amber he is pretty lucky for sure:) As are your students! I know you understand…and I am praying for you too.

      Thanks for your kind words and happy Fall my friend!

  11. Love the garden date night idea; we sit on our deck a lot, but next time I will take it to the next level with candles and a special drink. I live in CO also (between Denver & Boulder) and we are living with the wildfire smoke. Know that it is worse up near your hometown – hope all OK in your neighborhood and praying for those most affected as well as our brave firefighters. My husband d was a teacher for many years; hang in there, parents and students appreciate all that you are doing. You are a blessing to your students.

    1. Hi AJ! Date nights are important for sure!
      Yes we are further up North and it has gotten pretty bad. We can actually see the fire from our roof. We also know several friends who have been evacuated and my teaching partners husband is a firefighter. SO much to take in right now.

      I am so Lucky because the parents in my class have been amazing and doing so much. It’s hard on us all. I appreciate you stopping by and pray the fire stays away from you guys too!

  12. Thanks for molding young minds. I live in Windsor (Weld County) and work in Longmont (Boulder County) at the Longmont Humane Society. I fully agree that this year is HARD. Emotionally, physically…everything. I appreciate your posts and reminders to care for ourselves…and thus, more for others too. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Liz! I think its a good idea to remember to take care of ourselves and then in turn we can do that for others. Thanks for stopping by and give those sweet animals a hug from me!

  13. Kelly,
    This might be one of my favorite posts ever! Not only for the gorgeous settings you set, but because of the heart behind it! Beautiful! Hoping life can get back to normal soon!!

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