DIY Floral Centerpiece in a Pedestal Bowl

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

Check out these 4 simple steps for creating a floral centerpiece in a pedestal bowl.

flowers greenery pedestal bowl, vessel to hold flowers dry or wet foam scissors

Supplies Needed

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Choose  your flowers. I chose hydrangeas because they do well in or out of water and dry nicely for a preserved look.


Choose Your Vessel: look for a vase that speaks to you. Remember nothing is off  limits as long as it can hold flowers!

For this floral centerpieces I chose to use a round floral foam which is great for dry arrangements. There is also some wet foam for arrangements with water.


Greenery first. Make your way around the bowl inserting the greenery into the foam at a slight angle so it will rest on the rim.


The last step is adding the flowers on top of the greenery. Hydrangeas are the perfect round shape that fill the space nicely. They also dry nicely if they are green and not white.


 Remove all leaves, cut stems to size needed and stick the flowers into the foam while turning the pedestal around as not to miss any gaps in the arrangement. Feel free to add more greenery too as needed. 



Enjoy your beautiful centerpiece and all of your hard work! Remember to add water if necessary or let your blooms dry in place!

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Click below for the full tutorial on this DIY floral centerpiece in a pedestal bowl!

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