Decorative Pedestal Bowls for Centerpieces


Lately I have been seeing footed bowls everywhere I shop and I just love that they have so many uses around the home. One of those being for flower arrangements! In case you are loving these too I am sharing a variety of decorative pedestal bowls for centerpieces that are both functional and fun!

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Using Footed Bowls for Floral Arrangements

It’s no secret that I LOVE flowers and creating floral arrangements. I especially love ones that I can create using flowers from our garden and ones are that are simple. One of my all time flower arrangements was this one that I made in a basket.

I can’t wait to make one in a pedestal bowl next!

Below are some inspiration pictures I found over on Pinterest! You could have a bowl for each season and no flower or plant is off limits.

Decorative Pedestal Bowls For Centerpieces

Below I have curated 9 very unique and beautiful pedestal bowls for all decor styles. Each one perfect for creating a centerpiece for every occasion. Which one would you pick?

It was hard to pick just one, but I ordered #7 from Amazon and I will let you know what I think when it arrives.

Check out these pedestal bowls and footed bowls perfect for floral centerpieces!

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Shop other Pedestal or Footed Bowls

To shop the bowls pictured below simply click on each picture!

Decorative Pedestal Bowls for Centerpieces

So have I convinced you yet that you need one of these in your life? If so which one caught your eye? Next week I plan to put together a few simple flower arrangements in the bowl I get and possibly a few others. You can’t go wrong with flowers in my opinion!

decorative pedestal bowls for centerpieces

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    Love your blog. I too have a tattered pew and love footed bowls!
    Have a blessed day 😊

  2. Love footed bowls and cake plates. I have wood, silver, ceramic and use them for serving food as well as for decor. You have a great roundup of different styles and materials.

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