How to Create a Simple Hat Wall Using Hooks

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

Do you have a hat collection? Have you ever thought of using it as functional decor? Check out this simple tutorial on how to easily create one. 

an assortment of hats hat hooks wall space

Supplies Needed

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Choose Your Hooks: There are several options for hanging hats on a wall. These hooks are specifically designed for hats and walls. 

Next, lay out your hats on a flat surface to determine how you want them to be arranged on the wall. Do you want an organic look or symmetrical look. Seek out pictures for inspiration.


Attach Hooks to Wall.  Once you have your design planned out you can measure where you want your hooks. Attach them to the wall and make sure they are where you want them.


Finally, stand back and admire how you created a simple hat wall using hooks. Beautiful functional decor that can be used, mixed and matched and added to as your collection grows. 



Enjoy your beautiful hat wall and think about other areas in your home where you can add functional decor that doubles as art and storage.

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