How to Make a Mini DIY Tea Cup Topiary

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

This DIY mini tea cup topiary  is a great beginner project! Plus, you can find all of the materials as The Dollar Store.

– moss – tea cups – sticks – hot glue gun – floral foam – sharp cutting tool

Supplies Needed


Gather Your Supplies: Make sure to have all of the supplies needed for this simple DIY. Then find a clean workspace to get started. 

Once you have your floral foam cut it to fit in wither your pots or tea cups. Then simply push it down so it fits snuggly in your tea cup.


Next, choose a stick to use as the stem and push it into the  floral foam. Make sure it fits in to the foam nice and tight. Stick the foam ball on top of the stick.


Add Moss. Now gather your moss and hot glue gun. Add glue to the foam ball and pat on the moss pieces until you no longer see the white foam. 



Then add hot glue and moss to the base of your min tea cup topiary. This will give it a finsihed look!

Next spin your mini topiary around and fill in any blank spots with extra moss.  


Finally add your mini tea cup topiaries to your home. You can elevate them on books, add them to a tray or line them up on your mantel. 


Click below for the full tutorial on these DIY mini tea cup topiaries

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