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How To Make Raffia Pumpkins

Today I am sharing these darling homemade raffia pumpkins and how to make them. The best part is that they were so cheap and easy to make!

DIY Raffia Pumpkins

Lets go! >>>

>   Dollar Store Raffia (one bag per      pumpkin) >   Scissors >   Hot glue gun and glue >   Inexpensive plastic pumpkins

Supplies Needed

Step 1:

I started by removing them stems from both pumpkins.

Step 2:

I glued strips of the raffia in the crevices of the pumpkins. I even tried wrapping the longer strips of raffia around the pumpkin.

Step 3:

After the first few strips were glued on I measured from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom and cut several pieces the same length.

Step 4:

I reattached the stem to the pumpkin and filled in areas with raffia that I had missed.

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