An Elegant Outdoor Tropical Tablescape

Kelly of The Tattered Pew

Picture this:  vibrant hues of turquoise and lime dancing in the air, and the fragrance of peonies filling your backyard. Are you in heaven? Me too!

Before you even decide to set your table find some flowers for a centerpiece to  help you decide on the color scheme! 


Create Your Centerpiece: The easy way to set a pretty table starts with the centerpiece. Gather your flowers and vase and start arranging! Sticking to one color helps create a cohesive look!

Next, lay out your tablecloth to set the bottom layer. Look for bright colors with patterns that coordinate with your flowers!


Gather Accessories.  Lay out your napkins, cups plates, silverware and placemats so you have everything together!


Don't be afraid to use food like limes to add color and a tropical feel. To keep it elegant use cloth napkins and a tablecloth!



Fun ways to add texture is through baskets, vases and plants and flowers. Add some glassware with texture too!

Enjoy Your Work. Now is the fun part! You get to enjoy your hard work in a beautiful outdoor setting. And it was quick and easy!


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