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Creative DIY Fall Wreaths

It’s time to embrace the beauty of autumn and usher it into your home with a touch of DIY creativity. And one of my favorite ways to do that is to make wreaths

Flannel Wrapped Fall Wreath

Wrap a wreath form in flannel for a timeless wreath. This will never go out of style on your door. Plus, it is a good use for an old shirt you hold fond memories for.

Floral Hoop Wreath

This simple wreath is nothing short of stunning. It looks like it came from a trendy shop, but it is so easy to make that you can have one ready to display on your door in no time.

DIY Blue Hydrangea Wreath

This was one of my all time favorite wreaths to make. I wanted blue hydrangeas but didn’t have any so I spray painted some green dried hydrangeas that I had!

Happy Fall Y’all Wreath

Add some fresh seasonal flowers, or faux ones if you want it to last, and a simple and fun statement for a very easy yet gorgeous fall wreath you can DIY in an afternoon.

I Love Fall Wreath

This colorful wreath is budget-friendly to make and will look perfect, welcoming visitors to your door. Anyone who loves fall most of all will want to recreate this gorgeous decoration.

Corn Husk Wreath

Making a corn husk wreath is so much easier than you might expect. It also makes a great statement about the simplicity of country living that welcomes all to your door this fall.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Make this hoop wreath and add seasonal flowers to it for a decoration that people will swear came from a high-end shop like Pottery Barn.

Fall Grass Wreath

This wreath features busy, tall fall grass stalks for a stunning addition to your home. Its fluffy fall grasses will add a classy, natural touch to your home.

Dried Zinnia Wreath

Flowers from your garden , like zinnias or sedum Autumn Joy, can make a simple wispy grapevine wreath a showstopper.

Indian Corn Wreath

This natural wreath uses colorful dried corn, dried husks, and a wreath form to make a wreath that you can display until Thanksgiving has passed if you like.

Pinecone and Acorn Wreath

This wreath uses natural elements for a gorgeous fall wreath! You can use store-bought acorns and pinecones or go out into nature to find your own.

Feather Wreath

This wreath uses feathers and grapevine to make a rustic wreath that is sure to tickle your fancy for fall decor.

A DIY Fall Dried Floral Wreath

This DIY fall wreath is one of mine. A simple DIY that shows you just how easy it is to update an old wreath with some pretty dried florals.

Minimal Fall Wreath

This wreath has a minimalist, modern vibe that looks great with any kind of fall decor. Glue some natural tall fall grass onto a wreath form and display this budget-friendly and easy DIY option.

Pumpkin Grapevine Wreath

Shape grapevine into pumpkin form, then add some timeless burlap to it. You can garnish with fall leaves for a simple statement wreath that looks great on any door.

DIY Fall Wreath

This wreath uses brown paper, burlap, and flowers to make a simple rustic wreath that can be made with supplies you have on hand for a budget-friendly solution to adding a touch of color and character to your home.

Fall Mushroom Wreath

This grapevine wreath is gorgeous and easy to recreate. It uses colorful faux fall flowers and a little basket of mushrooms to make guests feel welcomed to your home on a lovely autumn day.

Large DIY Fall Farmhouse Wreath

With just some fresh greens from our yard and a few fall stems I was able to make this lovely Fall farmhouse wreath for under $20.

Red and Orange Berry Wreath

With sprays of orange and red berries, this minimalist wreath is seasonally stylish and rather easy to recreate at your house.

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