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Welcome to the club! Scroll down for all of my zinnia resources and check your first & LAST FROST DATE here!

welcome to the club!

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Want to embrace the simplicity of growing flowers the Lazy Girl Way? (Specifically zinnias) and none of the worry? This free garden planner will help keep even the laziest of gardeners organized. Let’s get growing!

Lazy Girl’s Garden Club Resources

Favorite Zinnia Seeds

From BURPEE, Johnny Seeds, Floret, Wildseed Farm, Walmart, Amazon (these seeds listed below are the ones I have bought this year!)

  • Queen Red Lime, Queen Lime with Blush, Queen Lime Orange
  • Zinderella Peach , Queeny formula mix, Oklahoma Salmon, Oklahoma Pink & White
  • Unicorn mix, Alpenglow, Victorian Wedding
  • Polar Bear
  • Thumbelina, Green Envy (container vairety)
  • Bulk bag zinnia mix from Earth Science (split between both of my raised beds)

This season is yours for the (flower) picking…

Cultivate the cut flower garden of your dreams with the style & simplicity of

Achieving stunning beauty and new skills do not have to be hard.

Yes you can…

Effortlessly Create a Stunning Display of Vibrant Blooms – All on Your Own

Achieve a lush, colorful oasis in your own yard without the overwhelm of intricate gardening techniques and constant upkeep. All of my EASY-TO-FOLLOW methods & best tips and tricks are inside my downloadable signature zinnia guide!

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Kelly Radcliff: Creative Director

I always wanted a lush, vibrant garden, but all the work to plan, plant, and maintain an abundant flowerbed was daunting. As a busy mom running my own business, I needed an easy way to bring color and life to my space. After many gardening attempts that led to more frustration than flowers, I discovered the joy and simplicity of growing zinnias.

Unlike other plants that required meticulous care, zinnias thrived with minimal effort. Once I realized how easy it can be to pull off professional-looking results, I just had to share the insights and tips that transformed my gardening experience with other busy women who desire more color in their landscaping but need it to be easy, and fun, with a major return on their effort. 

Imagine stepping into your garden, surrounded by a plentiful sea of colorful zinnias, a living artwork that you created with just a few simple steps. Feel the pride and joy of sharing your own home-grown blooms with your guests and friends.

I hope you enjoy the signature Zinnia guide. And please tag me whenever you share your beautiful flowers online, you can find me on Instagram @lazygirlsgardenclub.


Kelly Radcliff

Zinnias for the Lazy Girl's Garden Club

Discover the Magical Simplicity of Zinnias

Imagine the view from your window bursting with color, bringing a smile to your face as the seasonal shift brings the return of the sun and plentiful blooms that require minimal effort in both planting and upkeep.


The Lazy Girl’s Signature Guide to Zinnias

With my interactive digital handbook, you’ll

 Grow flowers the “Lazy Girl’s Way…with my three easy to follow phases.

Step-by-step, we’ll dig into your new life-giving passion: effortless, summer-long, earthy beds bursting with colorful blooms. No room for confusion or overwhelm here. This season is yours for the (Zinnia) picking. Bushel after bushel of them. You’ve got this! 

Take a look at how you’ll make your zinnia garden dreams a reality!


Maximize your new garden’s growing season & stunning bloom supply. During this vital preparation season, you’ll be fed the what, where and when.

  • Introducing… the Zinnia! Why Zinnias?? Let us count the ways … this crowd-pleaser will have you cheering (and harvesting baskets of blooms) in no time.
  • How to choose the best garden plot. Shade, sun, adjacent plants & more… perfect placement & soil prep for bloom success.
  • When to plant… time your seed sowing to make the most of the summer ahead. Learn about your zone, your predicted frost times to maximize the growth season in your beautiful beds. 


Here is where we will get our hands dirty & learn specific tips & tricks to sow successful seeds. Yes, it’s finally time to plant. 

  • Tried and true. From seeds to soil, climbing supports and more…I’ve got you!
  • Here we’ll break down the Lazy Garden Girl way! With a few tips, your seeds will sprout with success.
  • Growth tips – every drop to support your solid start and each part of the growing season.


Bask in the beauty and reap your bountiful harvest! These cut and come-back flowers will provide endless opportunities to….

  • Encourage growth of these cut-and-come-back blooms all season long. The best will be shared here with you!
  • Bouquets, wreaths and more, oh my! Personalized gifts and unique purposes for these stunning flowers abound.
  • Find your frost date and tuck flower beds in for Fall. Harvest seeds for next year – and start counting down to the blooms ahead!



In addition to the comprehensive guide spilling all of my zinnia planting secrets, I’d like to extend an exclusive invitation to join my Lazy Girl’s Garden Club VIP Membership.

Troubleshoot any issues you have with your Zinnias.

 Receive extra support, guidance, and advice to make an even bigger impact with your flowers!

Celebrate your blooms with others in our private Facebook group.

In fact, you can ask anything about Zinnias, The Lazy Girl’s Guide, or anything else she’s written about on her popular blog, The Tattered Pew.

The Lazy Girl’s Garden Club includes a 40% discount before 3/5/24

The membership is available during the entire growing season for $160 or $96 before March 1st

Lazy Girl’s Garden Club VIP members receive:

-The schedule for all calls hosted April-October, including 1-2 opportunities to connect via Zoom video call each month.

-Access to live video sessions 1-2x per month throughout the entire growing season (April-October). * Replays available throughout the duration of membership.

-Live Q&A or submit your questions ahead of each recording if you can’t attend live.

-The opportunity to be featured on Kelly’s blog and social media for your success in planting Zinnias!

– Access to our VIP private Facebook Group to grow and connect with other Zinnia lovers.

A $160 value—for only $96 when you purchase the Lazy Girl’s Signature Guide to Zinnias!