25+ Best Gifts for Gardeners (Lazy Gardener Approved!)


Looking for the best gifts for gardeners? Whether you need a Mother’s Day gift idea or just want to surprise the gardener in your life with something they’ll love, we’re sharing our favorite gardening gifts in this shoppable guide.

Gardening is one of those hobbies that can quickly become an obsession. It just feels so good to get outside, pull weeds, plant flowers and watch all of your hard work turn into something beautiful. 

One of the best parts about gardening is that you don’t need a ton of fancy supplies, a lot of time or even a large yard to get started. But that doesn’t mean that new gardening tools and accessories aren’t appreciated! 

25+ Best Gifts for Gardners

If you have a gardener on your shopping list for Mother’s Day or any holiday, the perfect gift is on this list. I found so many great gift ideas that I’m really excited to share with you, including options for all budgets. Even if you’re shopping for a gardener who has everything, there’s bound to be something on this list that they don’t have!

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25+ Best Gifts for Gardeners

If you want to start exploring gift ideas for gardeners right away, use the table of contents below to jump to any gift. Otherwise, keep scrolling to explore all my best ideas.

Types of Gardening Gifts

There are so many options when it comes to finding unique gifts for gardeners in your life. Here are just a few of my favorite types of gifts to give:

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are always a great gift idea. If your loved one is a beginner gardener, then something as simple as gardening shears or a gardening apron can be the perfect gift. But even if they’ve been gardening for years, there’s always a new tool to add to their toolkit.

Gardening Accessories

Gardening accessories like trellises, decorative border fences and beautiful planters are one of my favorite gardening gifts to give. They’re the kinds of things that the average gardener probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but that they’d absolutely love to receive.

Gardening Apparel

A love of gardening doesn’t have to stay outside. Give shirts, hats, mugs and more to help your favorite gardener show off their love of getting outside and working in the dirt.

Gardening Education

This is another great option for gardening gifts, especially if the gardener on your list is newer to gardening and still learning how best to grow and maintain certain plants.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the full gardening gift list!

25+ Gardening Gifts for Women

1 – Terrain Gardening Decor Book

This gorgeous book is from Terrain, one of my favorite gardening shops. The book is packed full of ideas for decorating your home and garden throughout the seasons, from container garden designs to freshly-picked floral arrangements. I have this book and LOVE it!

Terrain gardening book

2 – Rose Geranium Gardener’s Salve

Working in the garden can be rough on the hands. This aromatic salve is the ultimate remedy for dry, cracked knees, heels and hands. It’s produced in small batches and made with all-natural ingredients – perfect for nature lovers!

Rose geranium salve

3 – Woven Mini Garden Obelisk

Perfect for adding to their favorite container plants, this mini garden obelisk is made from natural willow branches and offers key support for climbing plants. This obelisk comes in three sizes ideal for use in planters and other containers.

Woven garden obelisk

4 – Blue Stripe Jute Tote

Gardening requires lots of gear. This blue stripe jute tote is the perfect bag for storing and carrying gardening gloves, trowels, shears and more. It also looks beautiful filled with freshly-picked flowers, whether you’re carrying them in from the garden to make arrangements or bringing some to share with neighbors.

Blue stripe jute tote

5 – Open Crown Sun Hat

Every gardener needs a great sun hat. I absolutely love this wide-brim sun hat with an open crown. Not only does it allow you to put your hair up while wearing it, it also lets heat escape from the top of your head, helping to keep you from overheating while working in the garden.

open crown sun hat

6 – Garden Shed Sign

This aluminum garden shed sign is the perfect gift for the gardener who has everything. The sign marks their outdoor storage area as the official garden shed and offers a beautiful, vintage look that pairs perfectly with their favorite blooms.

Garden shed sign

7 – Copper Plant Markers

These gorgeous copper plant markers are a gardener’s dream. They’re durable, reusable and come with a grease pencil for easy labeling – and you’ll never lose track of your plantings again! Bonus: the beautiful copper color looks gorgeous among the plants in a garden.

Copper plant markers

8 – Clay Herb Pot

These hand-made planters are so unique and beautiful! They are handcrafted in Asia and wrapped in linen before slowly drying. The process creates a beautifully imperfect, aged finish complete with natural moss. These would be perfect for growing herbs and other small plants.

herb clay pots

9 – Cotton Canvas Garden Storage Pouch

With lots of gardening tools comes the need for plenty of storage. This hanging cotton organizer is perfect for storing gloves, seeds and other small gardening tools. It can be hung inside a garden shed or under a covered patio and even rolled up to store ahead for the season.

canvas garden storage pouch

10 – Floral Gardening Gloves

These just might be the prettiest gardening gloves I’ve ever seen! They offer a stretchy fit and cushioned palm and are printed with an 1810 watercolor illustration chosen from a collection of the Royal Horticultural Society.

floral gardening gloves

11 – Low Wire Urn Planter

This beautiful indoor planter is a gorgeous way to show off a favorite plant. Line it with moss or place a pot inside of it for easy planting and display. This would make a beautiful centerpiece for a garden party tablescape!

wire urn planter

12 – Memory Foam Kneeler

Garden chores can be hard on the knees, but this kneeler helps. It’s made from EVA foam and memory foam and includes a waterproof neoprene exterior that wipes clean. It’s also just as beautiful as it is practical, printed with an 1810 watercolor illustration by Caroline Maria Applebee.

floral kneeler for garden

13 – Woven Willow Arch Border Fencing

This intricately woven border fencing is the perfect practical and decorative solution for diving garden beds. The panels are made from natural willow branches that blend in perfectly with surrounding plants.

woven willow arch border fencing

14 – Premium Garden Shears

These rust-resistant garden shears feature sharp, durable blades made for pruning garden plants. They come in this beautiful cream color that I absolutely love! This is a set of two, so if your garden enthusiast tends to misplace their tools this is the perfect gift!

cream garden shears

15 – Gardening Apron

Every gardener needs a good gardening apron. This one is as beautiful as it is practical. The olive green canvas and faux leather trim is a classic look, while the many pockets and hanging straps ensure you can carry your gloves, shears and other must-have tools easily.

garden apron with storage pockets

16 – Ultralight Kneeling Cushion

This super light kneeling cushion is a great option if you need a little knee support but also want to easily store it away. Made from durable EVA foam, the cushion won’t absorb moisture and resists rips and other damage. It even includes a carry handle and can be stored flat when not in use.

lightweight kneeling cushion for gardening

17 –  Thorn Proof and Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves

These heavy-duty gardening gloves are a wonderful gift for gardeners. Made with leather and foam-padded palms, these gloves feature reinforced fingertips and adjustable closure for a snug, secure fit. They even feature two touchscreen compatible fingertips on each glove so you can easily use your phone to take pictures while gardening or listen to your favorite podcast.

18 – Garden Gold Picture Frame Set

These unique floating frames are such a great gift idea for gardeners! They come with 68 pressed flowers and tweezers so you can design your own pressed flower frame. But they can also be used with any small, flat items so your loved one can use their own garden flowers or herbs to create beautiful frames.

garden floral frames

19 – Zinnia Seed & Soil Mix

This may be the ultimate secret to lazy girl gardening: a single bag that includes soil, zinnia seeds and soil amendments. Simply prepare your soil and add the Zinnia mix to your garden beds or containers and watch as you’re able to grow long-lasting zinnia blooms throughout the season. It’s that easy!

Zinnia mix soil, seed and fertilizer

20 – Swan Stone Planter

If your favorite gardener loves to do container gardening or wants to add a unique touch to their garden beds, this stone swan planter is the perfect thing. Made from stone and resin, this is a durable planter that looks gorgeous when filled with flowers.

swan stone planter

21 – A Beautiful & Easy-Care Flower Garden

This gorgeous book written by my friend Stacy Ling would make a great resource and coffee table book for any level of gardener. It is filled with beautiful photography of many varieties of flowers while also sharing gardening tips throughout. I have loved referring to it for my own garden!

Stacy's Book

22 – Gardening Journal

Help your favorite gardener take their plot to the next level with this five-year gardening journal. The journal is full of tracking tools, planning space, gardening guidance and inspiration to help gardeners be more strategic with their planting and maintenance.

Garden journal

23 – “Please Close the Gate” Cast Iron Garden Sign

This beautiful cast iron sign is heavy duty enough for outdoor use and would make a really cute addition to a garden gate or garden shed. The classic black color means it will stand out among whatever colorful flowers your favorite gardener grows.

Please close the gate sign

24 – Metal Obelisk Garden Trellis

This 6-foot tall obelisk-style garden trellis is perfect for supporting climbing vines and tall plants. It can even be used as a flower stand for larger container plants and hanging flower pots.

metal garden obelisk

25 – The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Growing Zinnias E-Book

My own e-book, The Lazy Girl’s Garden Guide to Growing Zinnias, is a wonderful gift for beginner gardeners or gardeners who are new to growing zinnias. These easy-to-grow flowers are beautiful and simple to maintain and this e-book includes all my best tips and tricks for making lazy zinnia gardening easy.

Lazy Girl's Garden Guide to Growing Zinnias

BONUS: Best Gifts for Lazy Gardeners

Do you have a proud member of the Lazy Girl Garden Club on your shopping list? Whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day gardening gifts or just want to give your loved one a hat or shirt they’ll use all gardening season, these items from the Lazy Girl Garden Club shop are a perfect fit!

Bonus: Lazy Girl’s Garden Club T-Shirt

Featuring the Lazy Girl’s Garden Club logo, these 100% cotton T-shirts come in a wide variety of colors. They’re perfect for long days working in the garden or for showcasing the lazy girl gardening lifestyle anywhere.

lazy girl garden club shirt

Bonus: Lazy Girl’s Garden Club Hat

This custom distressed hat comes in a wide variety of colors and features a d-ring closure with hideaway strap for a custom fit. Pair a Lazy Girl’s Garden Club hat with a matching T-shirt for the ultimate gardening outfit!

lazy girl garden club baseball hat

Bonus: Lazy Girl’s Garden Club Sticker

A die-cut vinyl sticker is the perfect addition to a gardening box, planter or even as a bumper sticker. Let your favorite gardener show off their membership in the Lazy Girl’s Garden Club easily!

lazy girl garden club sticker

Bonus: Lazy Girl’s Garden Club Tote Bag

This classic tote bag comes in three sizes to fit your favorite gardener’s needs and come with multiple handle color options. Grab a tote with a matching hat or t-shirt for a complete Lazy Girl’s Garden Club look!

lazy girl's garden club tote bag

Bonus: Lazy Girl’s Garden Club Mug

This classic mug is perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while sitting out by the garden. It’s also dishwasher- and microwave-safe and made with BPA- and lead-free ceramic.

lazy girl's garden club mug
garden planner

Want to Share Your Own Gift Ideas for Gardeners?

I’d love to hear from you! What are some of the best gifts for gardeners you’ve given (or received)? Share your favorites in the comments to help us all get our shopping done early this year!

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Best Gifts for Gardeners

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