The Story of the Pew

I recently came to terms with the fact that I am turning into my mother.

Yep, it’s true.

My husband will confirm it and my friends and family will too. 

This revelation actually makes my heart happy because my mom is one amazing woman. She has always been so purposeful in her faith, life and even how she decorates her home. I can recall being a young girl and watching her experiment with painting and up-cycling furniture. She was flipping furniture before it was cool and all the rage.

So I owe a lot to her for helping me develop a love for all things old; as well as being able to see the beauty in what my kids lovingly refer to as, “old rusty crap!”

Pew Envy

One such old item of hers that I have always loved is her almost 10 foot long vintage pew that she currently has in her entry.

Ever since she scooped that pew up I have had “pew envy”! My husband, sister and mom knew this so whenever any of us would go out to the flea markets or out junkin’, we would always be on the lookout.

The Story of the Pew

One day my husband and I were at the local flea markets in what was turning into another fruitless search for a pew for our home. I got to talking to an older lady about her scale collection when I heard my hubby calling my name.

“Hey Kelly, is this the kind of pew you are looking for? It’s shorter than your mom’s.”

I walked over (ok, I RAN over) all the while thinking it was probably just a bench. You see, my luck hadn’t been so great so far and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Well, low and behold I saw this sweet little golden pew and my husband proudly standing next to it!

It was AMAZEBALLS! Much different than what I had imagined in my mind, but isn’t that pretty much how life goes anyway? Finding beauty in the unexpected little surprises is what makes life so lovely!

I did a little squeal and then I did my happy dance (This dance happens quite frequently when I am out treasure hunting and find what I lovingly refer to as a treasure).

The Tattered Pew

The Perfect Pew

It was absolute perfection! Just think of all the people who had prayed and talked to Jesus on that darling little pew.

The history and story behind it already had me excited!

The only thing I was nervous about was the price. Let’s be real, this mama is on a budget and for some reason most of the pews I had found were so ridiculously expensive!

Before I could reach for the price tag my husband announced that he was getting it for me and started to haul it to the front. (He is a good man!)

I smiled and asked him the price… it was $150. Not cheap, but not bad at all when it comes to the going rate of pews these days. So I “happy danced” my way to the front of the flea market and brought this perfectly imperfect pew home to our house. I knew exactly where it would go…in our entryway to greet everyone who walks through our front door.

The Story of My Tattered Pew

The tradition of the pew that my mom started continues…my sister now has two. Looks like I have some catching up to do!

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I have recently found a pew for our front porch! Her name is Miss Fanny! (You can read all about her story HERE) So now I have a total of 2 amazing pews…all unique and different…just like you and me! You can also read about our pew through the seasons and see it repainted here in our entry!

Meet Miss Fanny…she hangs out on our porch!

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  1. Love this story. So excited to read more of this amazing blog my friend! ❤️

  2. Kelly what a great story and first blog post! I wish you the best on your new endeavor my friend 😘

  3. Such a great story, Kelly! The term “pew-envy” will forever be attributed to you! Your hubby truly gets you and your mama, she’s the best!! (Proud of you for stepping out and making your dreams a reality)

  4. Hi there Kelly,

    What a magnificent find! I don’t think I’ve ever come across an actual pew at any of the flea markets I’ve attended so you really did score!
    I’m so excited for your blog launch and can’t wait to see what the Lord has you do with it. I myself have been blogging for a little over a month and will be revealing my new blog look on August 10th. I know how much work goes into this and how foreign it all is so if you need help I’m just a message away.
    Your blog is absolutely stunning and I’m off to subscribe to it.
    Lots of love new blogging friend!

    1. Natalie I am so excited to see your blog! I just followed you on Instagram too! You are so sweet to offer your help…I’m sure I will be messaging you. Thank you for your encouragement!

  5. Aw,what a heartwarming story, Kelly. I’ll think of you and say a little prayer every I see a church pew!

  6. Love the story of your pew. Fun to think of all the praying that has taken place in it over the years. I look forward to reading your blog.

  7. Kelly I love this story and the happy dancing made me smile. Your mom is a wonderful Christian mom. She has raised an amazingly loving Christian daughter. What a blessing it is to know and love both of you!!

  8. You are adorable and your house is amazing! I look forward to checking out your blog and hopefully coming to sit on that pew sooner then later!

  9. Kelly,
    How exciting! I had no idea you were so pew-envy! 🙂
    You are one talented and gifted mama! Can’t wait to go on this adventure with you through your blog! Best wishes and blessings!

  10. Such a beautiful story! I am in search of a pew as well. So excited for you and your new blogging adventure.

  11. So fun! I have had pew desires for about 22 years now. A dear friend of mine had a very long one on her front porch then a shorter one inside and the craving began. So much charm!

  12. That is one awesome find…and I have to give kudos to your husband for getting it for you…he sure knows how to make his wife happy. A great blog post and great story. So happy for your first post…you did great!

  13. So exciting Kelly! I can just hear you saying “Amazeballs!” – look forward to following you! I could use a little inspiration…

  14. My husband has faithfully hauled my pew thru our many moves. I inherited it from my mother when she died, and I love that it’s from the little country church in Texas where she and my dad married more than 60 years ago. When the church was scheduled for demolition, my uncle liberated this pew and saved it for my mother. I love it as add decor puece, but we do use it for extra seating, as well.

    1. Wow! I love your story! I wish that I had a pew from where my parents were married…such incredible memories. Maybe someday I will get one from the church my husband and I were married at and pass it down to my children. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I wish I had your luck in finding a pew! I’ve been on the search for one for years, and they are either way overpriced or not quite what I’m looking for here in Georgia!

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