12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

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If you’re eager to transform your kitchen space into a cozy Christmas retreat, join me as we explore 12 quick and easy Christmas kitchen decor ideas. It’s about keeping it simple, heartfelt, and oh-so-festive. Welcome to my kitchen!

Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Homespun Holiday Hop

Welcome friends! My name is Kelly and I LOVE all things Christmas. I was born on December 22nd and brought home in a stocking, on Christmas Eve, made by my nurses. And yes, I still have it! I love sharing a birthday month with Jesus and I love all things blue, vintage, my family and sports!

And today I am so thrilled to be joining a few special friends for the Homespun Holiday Hop hosted by the lovely Laura of Decor to Adore.

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas: Me/Kelly
Thank you to Rachel of Lumen Creative for capturing these
photos of me and our Christmas kitchen!

If you are a long time friend or stopping over after visiting Kim of Shiplap Shells and her natural Christmas elements ideas, welcome! Make sure to visit the other ladies joining us today by finding their links at the end of my post today.

I am so excited to show you around our kitchen and share a few simple tips for decorating your kitchen for Christmas.

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Our kitchen is one of my favorites spots in our home so you better believe that I love decorating it for Christmas! However, I don’t tend to go overboard too much because it is on the smaller side and one of the first spaces you walk into when you enter our home.

You can see Christmas in Our Kitchen and Dining Room from last year here!

Our kitchen is painted the color Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams so I had fun with a mostly blue and green color scheme but also added a few small pops of red!

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. Candles in Your Christmas Kitchen

let’s start off with the easiest way to add Christmas decor to your kitchen. Infuse your kitchen with the warm glow and delightful scents of Christmas by strategically placing scented candles throughout the space.

Holiday scents, pine, and vanilla-scented candles not only add a festive ambiance but also evoke the cozy feelings of the holiday season as you prepare your favorite seasonal dishes.

This year I opted for these battery operated pinecone candles. They look and feel so real and have such a fun flicker when they are on!

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas: Santa Mugs

2. Christmas Counter Decor

Transform your kitchen countertops into festive havens with a carefully curated decor vignette.

Arrange holiday-themed items like miniature ornaments, pinecones, and seasonal greenery on a tray or a designated kitchen corner. This simple touch effortlessly brings the Christmas spirit to your cooking space without overwhelming it.

I created this simple Christmas kitchen vignette using a white marble cutting board as a base. Then I placed one of my vintage wicker demijohns on it with greenery, Santa mugs, a book, paper tree and pinecone candles.

Santa mug vignette with Christmas ideas in our kitchen

3. Sentimental Christmas Decor

Elevate your kitchen decor by incorporating sentimental Christmas items. Whether it’s handmade ornaments, heirloom decorations, or crafts from your kids, these personalized touches add a heartwarming layer of nostalgia and make your kitchen feel like a cherished holiday memory.

Christmas mini Santa mug for kitchen decor

For me I had fun adding a few of my favorite Santa mugs around the kitchen. The mini Santa mug was a fabulous flea market find that I truly treasure! Isn’t he so cute next to my blue and white Staffordshire dog salt and pepper shakers?

Then the larger Santa mugs below on our counter are ones that I have bought for each of our kids.

blues in the kitchen

4. Christmas Kitchen Wreaths

Deck the doors, both big and small, with festive wreaths. From the pantry to the entrance, these timeless decorations instantly bring the holiday charm to different corners of your kitchen. I’ve even added them to the back of our kitchen stools.

Wreaths are one of my favorite ways to add quick and easy Christmas kitchen decor.

Christmas Kitchen Tour 2023

This year I simply placed a wreath on our range hood and then 3 additional wreaths on the doors leading out to our yard. I added red wire ribbon/bows and strung them with clear fishing wire so they appear to be floating!

Christmas wreaths on kitchen doors

5. Kitchen Hood Decor for the Holidays

Don’t overlook the kitchen hood! Adorn it with garlands, fairy lights, or a festive banner to turn this often-neglected space into a captivating focal point. (See the garland I used last year on our hood!)

The overhead decor adds a vertical dimension to your kitchen, spreading the Christmas cheer upwards.

This year I found the most beautiful wreath at a local shop here in town called Mag Pies! It came with the candle stand attached and I decoded to place a paper tree on it for some color contrast. The paper tree is also from the same shop.

Blue and green in the kitchen for Christmas

6. Candle Warmer

Take your candle game up a notch with a candle warmer. Have you seen these? I love mine and bought a ton of them to gift this year as well!

They are an easy and safe way to display your favorite Christmas-scented wax melts or candles in these warmers to fill your kitchen with the delightful fragrance of the season without the worry of an open flame.

Mine has a timer and can be adjusted. This year I froze some of my older used candles so I could pop them out of their holders. Once I had them out I added them to this glass dessert dish and placed it under my warmer. (I fished out the wick and little metal part when the wax was melted)

Tip: Add a Scent!

Add Frasier Fir Refresher Oil to your old unscented wax for the BEST Christmas scent ever! You can thank me later.

Candle warmer in Christmas kitchen

7. Christmas Tree in the Kitchen

This probably should have been my #1 idea for quick and easy Christmas kitchen decor ideas. Have you placed a Christmas tree in your kitchen before? I hadn’t before this year!

Why not bring the iconic symbol of Christmas right into your kitchen with a small, tabletop Christmas tree or larger one if you have space.

I squeezed ours in to this little corner (yes it blocks a door to our dining room but we can walk around the other way). I placed it in an old vintage basket and left her mostly naked. Getting the tree into this basket was a bit tricky. I shared a video of it over on Instagram that you can see here!

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

8. Simple Christmas Tree Decor

If you’re tight on space in your kitchen like I am , simplify your Christmas tree decor. Opt for a minimalist approach with a few carefully chosen ornaments and lights. This subtle tree adds a touch of Christmas magic without overwhelming your kitchen.

I added these clip on battery operated candles with vintage candle clips and gold wood bead garland. And that’s it! I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I love turning the lights on every morning!

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Grab our free Holiday Printables Bundle!

9. Free Christmas Printables

Spruce up your kitchen walls with free holiday printables. From festive quotes to whimsical illustrations, downloadable prints offer an easy and budget-friendly way to add a pop of Christmas spirit to your kitchen decor.

I found this O Holy Night oversized printable poster from the blog Ella Claire Inspired. She is all about Christmas and has several other amazing and FREE printables you don’t want to miss! I downloaded this and had it printed at Staples for under $5! This is the third year I have used it. So easy!

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas: Scroll in Kitchen
12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas Christmas tree in Kitchen

10. Seasonal Dish Towels

I know this one seems a bit obvious but your seasonal towels are one of the easiest way to add color and charm to your Christmas kitchen!

Elevate your kitchen essentials by swapping out regular dish towels for festive ones. Look for designs featuring classic holiday motifs, Bible verses or playful quotes. These small details instantly bring a touch of Christmas to your daily kitchen routine.

I found this set of two color coordinating holiday towels at Mag Pies when I found the wreath. You know I love blues and greens!

Christmas towels

11. Display Vintage Christmas Art

Embrace the charm of yesteryears by displaying vintage Christmas art in your kitchen. Whether it’s framed prints, old-fashioned cards, or retro advertisements, these pieces add a nostalgic and unique flair to your holiday decor.

I found this glorious nativity scene at a flea market years ago and never framed it. So I simply used tome tacky to attach it to one of my cutting boards. So easy and I love how it looks!

Cutting boards with Nativity print

12. Greenery

Finally, bring the outdoors in with fresh greenery or faux. Adorn your kitchen shelves, countertops, or windowsills with sprigs of holly, pine branches, or eucalyptus.

The vibrant green tones add a natural, earthy element to your Christmas decor, creating a harmonious and festive atmosphere.

I often opt for faux because it lasts longer and is not as messy. These green stems match the rest of the garland and greenery in our home. You can find these real touch stems here and my favorite garland here!

12 Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Thank you for stopping by our Christmas kitchen today. I hope I was able to share a few easy and quick ideas taht you can use in your own home!

Next up on the Homespun Holiday Hop is Wendy from WM Design House and she is sharing 19 easy and cozy neutral Christmas tree decor ideas!

Me in my Christmas Kitchen

Quick and Easy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Did you enjoy my 12 quick and easy Christmas kitchen decor ideas to sprinkle a bit of holiday magic into your culinary haven? Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about creating a space that feels festive and brings a smile to your face. Wishing you a season filled with warmth, laughter, and delicious treats straight from my festive kitchen to yours!

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  1. Hi Kelly, you have such a gorgeous kitchen, with just the perfect balance of Christmas decor for festive, but still able to function as a busy hub. I love the blue cabinets and how you’ve used other more Christmas-y pops of color. That tree is so pretty with it’s simple decor of candles, lights and garland. Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas Season.

  2. Your kitchen feels so warm and inviting, Kelly. I love all the natural elements you used and how you added so many cheery pops of red too. They complement your blue cabinets perfectly. Sending you hugs and wishing you and your family a happy Christmas, CoCo

  3. Kelly you have created a truly cozy and charming kitchen! I found so many of your sweet touches very inspiring Thank you so very much for adding such cozy kitchen inspiration to the tour. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Kelly

    Love your kitchen and your tree.

    I agree don’t forget the hood. I decorate ours all the time.

    I don’t show it in my home tour because that section is a galley for cooking only.

    I missed doing our home tour.

    Merry Christmas


  5. Kelly, as always, I love your decor and your ideas, especially when it comes to your beautiful blue kitchen. Oh, that tree! It is perfect, and how wonderful to have a tree in your kitchen. But, most of all, I adore seeing your beautiful, welcoming, and smiling face on this post! Merry Christmas, sweet friend. xo

  6. Kelly, your kitchen is beautiful, and You have so many great ideas for holiday decorating in the kitchen. I love the simple greens in your vintage wicker demijohns. I also love the wreath on the range hood.

  7. Kelly, I loved your ideas! the naked tree is so cozy and I love the printable! Those wreaths on your windows are stunning, and thanks for the tip to use the wax leftovers in a warmer! I often freeze candles to get the excess out, but have never thought to add the wax to a warmer.. lightbulb! Pinned! Have Wonderful Christmas my friend xx

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