Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Tired of all-white kitchens and want something bold for your home? Blue kitchen cabinets could be the perfect thing! Keep reading for my picks for the best blue paint colors for kitchen cabinets, inspired by my own home.

Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

The first time I saw my current home, one thing stood out more than anything else: the gorgeous blue kitchen! The cabinets were painted with Sherwin-Williams Blustery Sky, a deep blue paint color that was also used as an accent throughout the rest of the house. I immediately fell in love.

Now that we’ve lived here for 3 years, my love for these blue kitchen cabinets has only grown. If you’re looking to bring a pop of color to your kitchen, painting your cabinets blue could be the perfect project.

Keep reading to learn more about my blue kitchen and my favorite blue paint colors for cabinets.

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Are blue kitchen cabinets a good idea?

The choice of blue for kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic idea, and whether it stands the test of time largely depends on how it’s executed and your personal preferences. Here are some reasons why blue kitchen cabinets can be considered timeless and classic:

  1. Versatility: Blue is a versatile color that can be adapted to various design styles. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or eclectic kitchen, there’s a shade of blue that can complement your overall aesthetic.
  2. Timeless Appeal: Certain shades of blue, such as navy or deep blue, tend to have a timeless and enduring quality. These colors have a sophistication that doesn’t easily fall victim to passing trends.
  3. Neutral Complement: Blue can act as a neutral color in some contexts, pairing well with a variety of other colors. This makes it easier to change accent colors or update accessories without needing to overhaul the entire kitchen.
  4. Cohesive with Trends: While some shades of blue may be trendy at a specific moment, others are more likely to endure. Consider classic blues or muted tones that can stay relevant even as trends evolve.
  5. Psychological Impact: Blue is known for its calming and soothing effect. In a space like the kitchen, where people spend a significant amount of time, this can contribute to a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
  6. Classic Color Pairings: Blue pairs well with classic kitchen elements such as white or wood, creating a timeless combination. This allows for flexibility in the overall design while still maintaining a sense of timelessness.
  7. Personalization: Your choice of blue doesn’t have to conform to a single trend. You can make it timeless by incorporating personal touches, such as selecting a shade that resonates with you and using complementary materials and finishes.

Remember, the key is to balance your personal style with design elements that have proven to withstand the test of time.

Additionally, consider consulting with a professional designer to ensure that the specific shade of blue and its implementation in your kitchen align with your long-term vision for the space. Ultimately, if you love the color and it brings you joy, it’s likely to stand the test of time in your eyes, making it a worthwhile choice for your kitchen cabinets.

blue kitchen cabinets
Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams in our kitchen

10 Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Selecting the right blue paint color for kitchen cabinets can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Here’s a list of 10 popular and stylish blue paint colors that work well for kitchen cabinets:

1. Blustery Sky (9140) by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams Blustery Sky cabinets are my personal favorite because it’s what I have in my kitchen! After seeing these cabinets day in and day out for 3 years, I can confidently say SW Blustery Sky is a wonderful blue paint color for cabinets.

Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams paint swatch

Blustery Sky is a medium blue-gray that offers a cool, soothing touch to any space. It’s deep enough to bring a ton of color to a room, but light enough to not make the kitchen feel too dark.

Range and hood in kitchen with fruit art, flowers and marble counters

2. Hale Navy (HC-154) by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a deep and rich navy blue that adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. It pairs well with both modern and traditional design elements. Its green undertones keep Hale Navy feeling warm and inviting. Hale Navy cabinets pair well with off-white and creamy white counters, backsplashes and walls. You can see this post on how we chose Hale Navy for our previous home’s exterior.

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore paint swatch

3. Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue (281)

Stiffkey Blue is a bold and dramatic color that adds a sense of depth to your kitchen. It works particularly well in kitchens with ample natural light. Stiffkey Blue cabinets would look beautiful on their own or used as an island in a white kitchen.

Farrow and Ball Stifkey Blue paint swatch

4. Sherwin-Williams Naval (SW 6244)

SW Naval is a classic navy blue that brings a sense of calm and stability to the kitchen. It pairs beautifully with white countertops and gold hardware for a timeless look. It’s darker and less muted than BM Hale Navy, so SW Naval cabinets are perfect if you want a bold, yet neutral, look.

Sherwin Williams Naval paint swatch

5. Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue (HC-156)

BM Van Deusen Blue is a deep, muted blue with gray undertones. If you’re looking for a muted blue that isn’t as dark as navy, then this color might be for you. Van Deusen Blue cabinets are a versatile choice that can work well in both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Benjamin Van Deusen Blue paint Swatch

6. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue (30)

Hague Blue is a really unique color. It’s a deep, bold green-blue that adds a sense of drama to the kitchen. It pairs well with brass or gold accents for a luxurious feel. I love the idea of pairing a Hague Blue island or lower cabinets with creamy white upper cabinets.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue paint swatch

7. Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog (SW 9177)

Salty Dog is a vibrant and energetic blue that adds a pop of color to the kitchen. It works well in contemporary spaces and can be balanced with neutral tones. Salty Dog cabinets are a lovely choice if you want a darker, navy blue but still want your kitchen to feel bright and colorful.

Sherwin Williams Salty Dog paint swatch

8. Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue (HC-155)

Newburyport Blue is a medium-toned blue with gray undertones, making it a versatile choice that can adapt to various design styles. Because it has plenty of gray in it, Newburyport Blue cabinets can work in just about any home.

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue paint swatch

9. Behr Blueprint (S470-5)

Blueprint is a muted and calming blue that works well in kitchens with both natural and artificial lighting. It complements a range of cabinet styles and materials. Blueprint cabinets remind me a lot of my own SW Blustery Sky kitchen cabinets. They’re light enough to not overwhelm a space but still bring lots of color.

Behr Blueprint paint swatch

10. Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light (235)

If you’re looking for light blue kitchen cabinets, then Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light could be perfect. It’s a soft and airy blue that creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. Borrowed Light cabinets are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens or those with limited natural light.

Farrow and Ball Borrowed Light paint swatch

11. Sherwin-Williams Rain (SW 6219)

SW Rain is another gorgeous light blue cabinet color that adds a touch of serenity to the kitchen. It has strong green undertones that bring a lot of warmth to the color, but it also has plenty of gray that keeps it looking light and airy. SW Rain cabinets pair well with white or light gray countertops for a clean and modern look.

Sherwin Williams Rain paint swatch

How to Choose the Right Blue Paint Color for Your Kitchen

Before making a final decision, it’s always a good idea to test paint samples in your kitchen, considering factors like lighting and surrounding elements, to ensure the chosen blue paint color complements your overall design vision.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the right blue kitchen cabinet paint color for your home:

  1. Consider Your Style:
    • Think about your preferred design style. Are you aiming for a modern, traditional, farmhouse, or eclectic look? Different shades of blue can evoke different feelings and work better with certain styles.
  2. Evaluate Natural Light:
    • Natural light can significantly impact how a paint color appears. If your kitchen receives ample natural light, you can opt for bolder and darker blues. In spaces with limited light, consider lighter or muted blues to prevent the room from feeling too dark.
  3. Existing Color Palette:
    • Take into account the existing colors in your kitchen, including countertops, backsplash, flooring, and appliances. Ensure that the blue you choose complements or contrasts well with these elements for a cohesive look.
  4. Test Paint Samples:
    • Always test paint samples before committing to a color. Paint a small section of your kitchen cabinets and observe how the color looks during different times of the day and under various lighting conditions. This will help you make an informed decision.
  5. Consider Undertones:
    • Blues can have different undertones, such as gray, green, or purple. Pay attention to the undertones in your chosen blue to ensure it coordinates with other elements in the kitchen. For example, a blue with gray undertones may work well with stainless steel appliances.
  6. Think about Cabinet Style:
    • The style of your cabinets can influence the choice of blue. For example, a deep navy blue may look stunning on traditional shaker cabinets, while a light blue can enhance the sleekness of modern, flat-panel cabinets.
  7. Personal Preference:
    • Trust your instincts and personal preferences. Consider how the blue makes you feel and whether it resonates with your taste. After all, you’re the one who will spend the most time in your kitchen.
  8. Harmony with Adjacent Spaces:
    • Ensure that the blue paint color harmonizes with adjacent spaces. If your kitchen is open to other rooms, consider how the blue will flow with the overall color scheme of your home.
  9. Gauge Long-Term Appeal:
    • While it’s essential to consider current trends, think about the long-term appeal of the blue you choose. Classic and timeless blues are less likely to feel outdated as design trends evolve.
  10. Seek Professional Advice:
    • If you’re uncertain, consider consulting with a professional designer. They can provide insights into color theory, suggest complementary colors, and help you achieve the desired look for your kitchen.

Remember, the right blue paint color is the one that not only enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen but also aligns with your personal style and preferences. Take your time, experiment with samples, and enjoy the process of transforming your kitchen into a space you love.

Teal Kitchenaid Mixer on counter and floral poster hanging on wall.

What Goes with Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

Blue kitchen cabinets provide a versatile canvas for creating a stylish and visually appealing kitchen. But if your current kitchen is very traditional with white or wood cabinets, it can be hard to picture how blue cabinets would coordinate with the rest of the room and your home.

What color walls go with blue kitchen cabinets?

This is probably the first question you had when you considered painting kitchen cabinets blue. If your cabinets are blue, what color should your walls be? There are a few different ways to approach this!

If you want your cabinets to be the focal point of the space, then white, light gray or light beige walls could be the perfect complement. It’s important to pick your wall color based on the shade of blue you choose for your cabinets.

Some blues have violet undertones and are very cool. That kind of blue typically looks best with a crisp white paint, such as Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Other blues have warm green undertones and look better with warmer whites or even off-whites, such as Benjamin Moore White Dove. Always test your paint samples together when choosing coordinating colors!

Another option is to go for the popular “color drenching” trend and paint your cabinets, walls, trim and possibly even your ceiling in the same color. This is similar to what my blue kitchen looks like.

The back wall, interior doors and all the trim are painted with the same bold blue as the cabinets, create a gorgeous statement in the heart of our home. I don’t know that I would have picked this wall color on my own but I absolutely love it!

Knoa our dog looking out back windows of all blue kitchen in the spring.

What Counters Go With Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

To complement blue cabinets, consider pairing them with white or light gray countertops for a crisp and timeless look. Quartz or marble counters would both look really beautiful.

We have marble counters on our back counters but wood/butcherblock stained counters in the color walnut on our island.

Make sure to test your paint colors with the countertops you want (or the ones you already have). Some blues are warmer than others and may not look right with a very cool white or gray counter.

What Color Hardware Goes with Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

Gold or brass hardware adds a touch of luxury, creating an elegant and on-trend aesthetic. If your cabinets are a lighter blue paint color, black hardware could also work well.

We have black but I have considered changing them out to aged brass for an entirely new feel!

What Kind of Backsplash Goes with Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

Because blue kitchen cabinets are already a bold look, I recommend opting for a neutral backsplash. Shades like white, gray or beige allow the blue cabinets to shine as the focal point while maintaining a cohesive design. Patterned tiles for the backsplash or flooring can add interest and depth to the kitchen.

We don’t have a backsplash but instead opted for our marble counters to continue up behind our range and a small lip or short trim below our cabinets. The wall id painted Blustery Sky to match our cabinets and meets up with the marble.

Do Blue Kitchen Cabinets Go With Wood?

I love the look of natural wood and blue paint colors together! Introducing wood accents, such as flooring, open shelving, or a wooden island, adds warmth and texture, balancing the cool tones of blue.

Other natural elements like potted plants, wooden cutting boards, and woven baskets soften the overall look and bring a touch of nature indoors.

Don’t be afraid to mix other colorful accents into your blue kitchen, too! Black accents, whether in light fixtures, cabinet hardware, or small appliances, create a striking contrast and add a modern edge to the blue color scheme.

Introducing pops of color through colorful accessories, vibrant dishware, or decorative items, and incorporating complementary wall art, allows you to inject personality and create a well-balanced and inviting kitchen space.

Experiment with these design elements to find the perfect combination that suits your taste and enhances the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

View of wicker pendants and blue kitchen decorated for our spring home tour.

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Will You Try Painting Kitchen Cabinets Blue?

I hope this post has inspired you to try painting your kitchen cabinets blue! If you’re tired of having a neutral kitchen or just want to find a way to add more color to your home, blue cabinets are a beautiful addition!

Let me know in the comments – will you try painting your kitchen cabinets blue? Which blue cabinet color is your favorite?

I’d love to have you hang out with me some more! Feel free to follow along with me on any of the platforms linked below.

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