Easy Homemade Christmas Soaps For Kids

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These easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids are the perfect gift if you want thoughtful and fun gifts for your friends and family this holiday season. A family friendly project that will have you making soap like a pro in no time!

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Christmas is starting to make an appearance around our house and I’m not mad about it. Did you see the darling DIY Christmas pillowcases I shared last week? They are so cute and the girls loved them and they definitely got us all in the mood for more Christmas! This week’s DIY is one that my oldest daughter taught me how to make!

Easy Homemade Christmas Soaps For Kids

This year my 11 year old daughter decided she wanted to make gifts to give to her friends and family for Christmas. (I just love her heart!) The inspiration came to her when she learned how to make soap while at one of her friends birthday parties. Immediately she came home and spent her own money on soap making supplies so she could get started.

HTe cutest little homemdae Christmas soaps you ever did see!

You should have seen how cute she was teaching me. (I like to think she gets her teaching skills from me!) She had fun explaining and showing me how to make it and I asked her if I could share it here on the blog. She was thrilled and goodness gracious they turned out so cute. Who knows, maybe she will grow up to be a teacher like me. I think she would be amazing!

You will fall in love with these easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids!

Today’s post is for this month’s edition of the Thrifty Style Team hosted by Julie over at Redhead Can Decorate! The Thrifty Style Team is a group of very talented bloggers who get together once a month to bring you DIY projects and decor inspiration that won’t break the bank! Make sure to catch all of the projects at the end of my post.

And these easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids are not only thrifty, but a quick DIY too! Safe for even your youngest Christmas enthusiasts! 

These easy homemade Christmas soaps are perfect for even your youngest Christmas enthusiast to make as gifts!

How To Make Homemade Soaps

Here is what you will need for this fun little project. (She got most of her supplies from Amazon!)

Homemade Christmas soaps that kids can make and gift!

Step One

Gather your supplies and find a nice clean space like your kitchen counter. Grab your block of glycerin and your cutting board and cut 3 small cubes from the large glycerin block. The glycerin is scored so it’s easy to cut off just the right amount. Our silicone molds took 3 cubes to make one bar of soap.

Tip: Make sure to cut your glycerin cubes into smaller chunks to help with even melting!

Preparing the glycerin to make homemade soaps for Christmas gifts.

Step Two

Place your beads (or flowers) into the bottom of your molds. Don’t worry about arranging them yet because once you pour the warm glycerin in they will move!

Easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids!

Step Three

Next, place the glycerin chunks in a microwave safe bowl and heat it up for 25 second increments until it is melted.  

Everything you need to make Easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids!

An optional step is to add essential oils to the warm glycerin to make your soap smell amazing! My daughter picked peppermint and frankincense! *Note-the essential oils did make the clear glycerin a bit milky in appearance. Three to four drops will do the trick!

Adding essential oils to your homemade soaps take them up a notch!
Our favorite oils for Easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids!

Once the glycerin is heated don’t wait too long to pour it into the mold or it will become clumpy.

Easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids!

Step Four

Use a toothpick or skewer to push down your beads (or flowers) into the warm glycerin. This ensures that they are coated and placed where you want them to be. This is where you can get creative! My daughter chose Christmas colored beads since these will be Christmas gifts. 

Step Five

Let the full molds cool and harden for a few hours right on your counters. Check in on them periodically and once they are firm, pop them out of the molds and admire your gorgeous soaps!

Giftable Easy Christmas Soaps For Kids

These soaps turned out so stinking cute! I was amazed at how quick of a project this really was. Also, I have to say that I am so impressed by my daughter for taking on this entire project herself. She is so excited to make personalized soaps for her friends and family. She is so creative and I am one proud mama. I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of those she gives the soaps to when she tells them they are homemade by her!

You will love how fun these easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids are to make!

Let me know what you think of these easy homemade Christmas soaps for kids and I will pass it along to my daughter! Do you have any kid friendly DIY projects or gift ideas planned for this Christmas? Share in the comments below!

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  1. These are so cute and I think they will really be appreciated by the people who receive them. I only started making soaps a couple of years ago (and I’m 69). I don’t think helping my kids (now 37 and 38) paint paraffin over stickers on commercial bar soap when they were little counts! I love essential oils and am always on the lookout for them on sale/clearance! I especially like florals (soaps and Epsom bath salts) but recently made some pumpkin spice latte soaps with coffee grounds; great for cleaning hands after gardening. That’s what my gardening friends are getting!

    1. Oh Kathy you have so many great ideas and thank you for being so kind here on the post! I love the coffee grounds one…I feel like the soap making has endless possibilities! Plus the bonus is it’s fun. She is so excited to make certain looking and custom ones for family members. It’s special to see how she is thinking about everyone!

  2. What a fun project! I love that your daughter learned how to do this craft at a party and then purchased all of the materials to make her own soaps for gifts. These are sure to be a hit with anyone who receives this gift for Christmas.

  3. Would you believe that I’ve never made soap? Tell your daughter that she taught me something! This is such a great idea for gift giving to any one of any age!

  4. What a fun project to work on with kids! I remember making a handcrafted gift project each year when I was growing up; future craft/diy blogger possibility;) Great for gifting!

  5. I have been wanting to make soap for a long time. You make all the steps seem so easy. Maybe I can now give it a try. AND the Christmas embellishments are just as cute as can be.

  6. I’ve never made handmade soap, but now I totally want to. These turned out the cutest…loving that your daughter created these, too! That’s the best part. I bet the peppermint and frank are a lovely holiday combo, too! xoxo, kristi

  7. This is such a fun idea! I just love it! It’s such a great idea to personalize a special gift for the holidays!! Perfect for loved ones, teachers, coworkers! So many people on my list!

  8. I love these soaps so much, Kelly!! We are soap freaks. My mom is at 86 still, and now our daughter Daphne is too! I have never made it. I will now!!! Sharing on FB!!

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