How To Make A Low Hydrangea Centerpiece


Flowers are one of the easiest ways to brighten up any space quickly, and by quickly I mean, this low hydrangea centerpiece took me less than 10 minutes to make! Hydrangeas happen to be one of my very favorite flowers and I am lucky enough to grow them in our garden. We have Annabelle hydrangeas and I love seeing them in our yard, but I also love seeing them in my home. How to make a low hydrangea centerpiece with pops of fresh greenery.

How To Make A Low Hydrangea Centerpiece

Since I was adding this beauty to our table I figured I would show you how easy it was to make this  centerpiece. Now that I have attended my friend Melissa’s DIY Floral Workshop I am constantly feeling inspired to create beautiful bouquets!

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A low hydrangea centerpiece in the kitchen during summer.

Here is What you Need

  • A low vase or soup tureen (I found mine at a local flea market and just removed the lid)
  • Greenery (I used boxwood clippings and aspen leaves both from our yard)
  • Hydrangeas (You can find these at any local grocery store or like me use some from your garden)
  • Water
  • Tape
  • Alum (read my Tips and Tricks for Long Lasting Hydrageas post to see why I use Alum)
  • Floral knife or scissors

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Creating Your Low Hydrangea Centerpiece

First, gather your supplies and find a good table to spread them out on. I cut 4 medium sized Annabelle hydrangeas from our garden and immediately got them into some water. Then I cut boxwood clippings from the bush in our front yard and aspen clippings from the tree in our backyard.

TIP: Look around your yard to see what you have that would make pretty green filler or find pretty greenery at the grocery store!Boxwood clippings, aspen leaves and hydrangeas are the perfect paiting for a simple and low floral centerpiece.

Preparing Your Container

Whenever I make a low centerpiece I like to use tape to create a guide for my flower placement and to offer the flowers and greenery support. It’s a simple crisscross method that I find really helps! Just make sure you add your water before you use the tape!Preparing for my low floral centerpiece always includes creating a tape grid for support and structure.

The Hydrangeas

Once the grid was in place I prepared my Annabelle hydrangeas using my Alum trick and placed them in the soup tureen.Creating a low hydrangea centerpiece.

Add Your Greenery

Once you have your flowers in your container grab your greenery to fill in the gaps. I love using two different kinds of greenery because it adds more texture and is visually appealing!

Tuck and stuff your greenery into your vase until it feels full and looks balanced. Turn your centerpiece and look at it from multiple angles until you are satisfied.The perfect low hydrangea centerpiece for any occasion.

A floral centerpiece that is easy and beautiful to make within minutes.

Finally, step back and enjoy your low hydrangea centerpiece! So simple, right?! Just how I like it.



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