How to Recover a Bench and Add a Skirt Without Sewing

Lately I have been obsessed with no sew projects. After making the girls no sew bed skirts and no sew drop cloth curtains I had some left over drop cloth and started searching for more projects around the house. Lucky for me a bench we have… started calling my name! I decided I would use the extra drop cloth fabric I had to recover the bench, and while I was at it, add a skirt to it…of course all without sewing!A beuatifully recovered bench with skirt and no sewing involved.

How to Recover a Bench and Add a Skirt Without Sewing

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Let me start by saying this might have been one of my quickest DIY projects yet. That is if you already have your drop cloth fabric ready to go. I ordered this drop cloth since it is 100% cotton and used this bleaching method by Farm House on Boone to get mine as white as possible.

  1. Find a bench or seat that has a removable top seat. Decide on your fabric. I used drop cloth that I bleached.Bench ready to be recovered using no-sew method!
  2. Stretch out your fabric over the cushion or seat and measure to make sure you have enough. *Cute dog not necessary but definitely helps make any no-sew project more fun! 😉How to recover a bench with no sewing involved.
  3. Next use a staple gun to attach the fabric securely over the existing top and or fabric. Make sure to pull the fabric as tightly as you can. Fold over the ends like you are wrapping a present. Trim off any excess.Uese a staple gun to recover a bench seat with drop cloth.
  4. Place the seat top back in the frame to make sure it fits properly and that you like the look.No sewing neededt reover this bench!

How to Add a Skirt Without Sewing

Now that your bench top is covered you may want to add a skirt. This metal look was a bid too modern for me and adding a simple “pinch pleat” skirt gave me that European Farmhouse look I love. Here is how I did it in less than 5 minutes and with no sewing!

  1. Drape your fabric around your frame to see what length you want and to see if you have enough. I had one long piece left and some scraps. I was able to piece them together with no sewing to cover three sides and some of the back. * I didn’t need all 4 sides since my bench is against a wall.Drape the fabric over the sides to gauge the length you want for your skirt.
  2. Gather and pinch the fabric all the way around to add the pinch pleat look for this no sewing needed bench skirt. * I loved the frayed edge which happened from washing my drop cloth and chose to leave those on the bottom of my skirt.Spread your drop cloth around the bench's base to see if you have enought to make your skirt.
  3. Finally, replace the lid back over the skirted fabric. The recovered top will hold the skirt in place and this is why you don’t need any sewing! The weight of the top will hold it down.Use the recovered bench lid to secure and hold the no sew skirt in to place.

The recovered top will hold the skirt into place.

No Sew Magic

I’m sure you can tell that I am loving this no sew method. Who would have thought I could recover a bench and add a skirt to it all without sewing!How to recover a bench and add a skirt without any sewing.

Recovered bench with no sew skirt madefrom bleached drop cloth.

How to recover a bench and add a no sew skirt for a fun and quick DIY.


What do you think? Have you tried any no-sew or drop cloth projects? Here are a few other no-sew projects I have done with drop cloths as well.



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No-sew recovered bech using drop cloth fabric.

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  1. YES for no sew! I made curtains for our kitchen nook buy ripping! I ripped floor length panels down about 12 inches from the top about 2 inches apart then tied them on to the rod, making sort of a valance. It was such a quick fix. I do sew, but the idea just popped into my head and since I had extra dropcloth, VOILA!

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