Jadeite: Old vs. New


With Spring just around the corner that means it’s time to bring out the jadeite! If you saw my last post on the old dresser I painted Boxwood Green , then you know I am loving all things GREEN!  One of my favorite things to collect and display around our home is jadeite. These pretty old green glass dishes are fun to hunt for but you have to be careful because there are so many reproductions out there. Today I will share all about Jadeite: Old vs. New and how to tell old from new jadeite, where to find it and where to buy it.

Old vs. New Jadeite and how to tell the difference. #jadeite

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Jadeite: Old vs. New

How to tell old from new jadeite.
A fun mixture of old and new jadeite!

How to Tell Old From New Jadeite

Since I started collecting these dishes I have done some research to find out how you can tell if a piece of jadeite is old or new. One of the best articles I found on this topic was from Country Living Magazine. This picture below from their article shows the three names and types of authentic jadeite.

These markings are the way to tell which kind of jadeite you have and if they are old.
Image source: Country Living Magazine online

I keep the above picture on my phone when ever I am out hunting. So far I mostly have Fire King pieces.

This past weekend at the Rebel Junk Market I found and added this darling little pitcher to my growing collection. So far my collection includes cups, plates and bowls and now the little jadeite pitcher.

I think what also makes collecting these vintage jadeite pieces so fun is that it usually is affordable. For instance I only paid $40 for my Fire King set of 6 cups and saucers . (pictured below)

How to tell old from new jadeite.
Vintage pitcher, bowls and plates.
Vintage jadeite tea cups.
Vintage tea cups!

Where to Find Old and New Jadeite

So are you wondering where I find it? Finding jadeite has been a bit harder than I originally thought it would be. My go to places are flea markets and vintage markets!

Yep you heard me… I love shopping at our local flea markets and the occasional vintage market!

I truly enjoy the hunt and like I said before,  it’s not usually outrageously priced, thus helping make it easier to add to my collection. Every once in awhile I will find a piece or my mom or sister will find a piece for me. My collection is slowly growing and I love it.  You can also find it on E-Bay as well as on Etsy and these sites are great if you are looking for specific pieces. There are so many options!

Vintage pieces of jadeite mixed with new pieces of jadeite.

Where to  Buy Both Vintage and Replica Jadeite

Now you may have noticed that I have a few other pieces of jadeite in my pictures. These pieces are replicas and hold me over in between my flea market and vintage market searches. I love how they mix in and sometimes it is hard to tell which ones are the old pieces and which ones are the new ones.

You would be surprised at all of the different stores that sell jadeite replicas.  I have found it at Home Goods, Crate and Barrel, World Market, Amazon and even Target! Now that I know how to tell the difference between old and new jadeite the shopping has become so much more fun!

New salt and Pepper shakers from Home Goods
Salt and Pepper shakers from Home Goods

If you have followed along with me for awhile now you know I also love to support small shops… my girl Abby from Farm-House Market has some lovely replica pieces and often has them on sale! So don’t forget the small shops when you are out looking! My large cake stand and large pitcher are both from her shop! My smaller cake stand is from a local shop I love, Knapsack !

A remake of a jadeite pitcher.
Large pitcher from Farm-House Market and the plate is vintage!
Cake stands! (Left~ Farm-House Market, Middle~Target, Right~ Farm-House Market)

Shop Old and New Jadeite With Me

Below I will share some affiliate links for you to shop jadeite for yourself! Just  click on each blue link to shop.

Jadeite: Old vs. New

Hopefully you learned a little bit about one of my favorite collections; jadeite! Also I hope you were able to learn how to tell old from new jadeite.

Do you collect jadiete? If so leave a comment below with your favorite piece. I love chatting with you all and I appreciate you stopping by the blog today. You can also check out my jadeite board over on Pinterest for more inspiration! I hope you have an awesome week!

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  1. I’m a fellow Jadite lover as well! I don’t have many pieces, but I love the ones I do have. I picked up a cake pedestal over at Knapsack too. Also the mini one at Target…how could you not take that little cutie home! Lol I also bought a bowl set through Laurel Mercantile, from HGTV Hometown couple Lauren and Ben. I’ve only got a couple original pieces, but that’s ok…I love the thrill of the hunt for it! 💚

    1. Yay for another jadeite fan! The new ones at target are on my list as well…I also love that you got some bowls from laurel Mercantile! So cool! I will have to check them out for sure! Maybe I will see you out there hunting one day!

  2. I love this post Kelly! I’ve often wondered how you can spot true vintage jadeite. It’s so beautiful year-round, but I especially love it on display and in use during the spring. I appreciate the information and you sharing your lovely pieces and sources.

    1. Hi Meeghan!That picture is so helpful when I am out hunting!I think having it out during spring is my favorite as well. Thanks for stopping by, hope you are doing well!

  3. I too collect Jadeite.. My mom used it for everyday! Wish I knew what happened to her collection. She probably sold it in a yard sale for pennies!! Ugghhh.. thanks for the info , I snapped a screen shot of the markings so I will know the real deal when I see it!

  4. Kelly I love your jadeite. I have a similar obsession with milk glass! It’s so perfect for Spring decorating too 🙂

  5. Great post, and very helpful! I love knowing the intricacies/details of buying vintage brands. Thanks for sharing… I pinned this! Here from Friday Friends Parade!

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