Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Week 1: Black and White Entryway Inspiration

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge: Black & White Entry

Hey, it’s me again! Have you heard the BIG NEWS?! I get to participate in the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge, and to say that I am excited is just a wee bit of an understatement! Our entryway is in need of a remodel and black and white with a fun vintage vibe has been calling my name!

What is the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge?

This is a 6 week challenge, hosted by Jeffrey Court , where 12 different bloggers are provided with 200 square feet of tile to redecorate one room in their home. Each participant will be sharing their renovation on their individual blogs with all the details from demo day to completion! This is a contest, which is right up my alley as a former college athlete, and judging will be on a point system as well as votes from you all!  I hope you will follow along with me (and vote) as I’m sure things are about to get a bit crazy! Be sure to also be following me over on Instagram and Facebook …as well as the following hashtags #ChallengeAccepted #JCRenoChallenge #JCInspiredMe ! It’s sure to be a good time!

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The Entryway

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Entry Before

The entryway is the first thing you see as you enter our home and my very first Tattered Pew lives here. It has a bit of a funky shape and the tile is more of a  “rustic or earthy slate  ” style rather than my “European cottage farmhouse with a hint of vintage sass” look that I have been drawn to lately. Honestly though, my style is always evolving so to label it is a bit tough. Basically the tile is old, I didn’t choose it, and we need to brighten things up a lot. You know, offer a cheery entrance for those who visit our home so they feel welcome and want to stay for awhile! Below you can see what I mean with some “before” pictures.

Jeffrey Court Renovation Entryway Doors Before

The Plan

The plan is basically to do the exact opposite of what you see in the photos above. We will be going from large colorful tiles to basically all white. (White somehow is one of my love languages 😉 ) The white tile we plan to use in the majority of this space is called Retro Octagon White Dot by Jeffrey Court. Then to add a bit of fun we plan to use Black Out and Gardenia mosaic tiles also by Jeffrey Court, to create an inlay that looks like a doormat. We plan to spell out a word inside the doormat…but that word is still being voted on by our family! So stay tuned!

Inspiration Photos for the Black and White Entryway

Black and White Entry Inspiration
Photo: Young House Love via Oregonian

This photo of Balch Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

and finally…

Loft a portland usa
Photo: Notre Loft

The To-Do List

  • Hire a contractor 🙂
  • rip out existing tile
  • decide on tile design and word for the “doormat”
  • lay tile
  • style the heck out of my entryway and spruce it up a bit
  • Bonus: rip out carpet in playroom and carpet on stairs
  • Pray that I can get this all done in six weeks while being a wife, mom, teaching morning kindergarten and all the others things currently on my plate! 😉

Wish Me Luck

Now I’m off to get my game face on, start planning , designing and finding a stellar tile guy…wish me luck. A huge shout out of thanks to Jeffrey Court for including me in this awesome blog challenge and generously donating their awesome tile! I have a feeling this is going to turn out to be pretty darn cool. I hope you will stick around.



Black and white vintage inspired entryway.

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  1. Kelly, you are going to rock this challenge!! I can’t wait to see the transformation!!

  2. Kelly, That vintage black and white would look great in your entry way!! I hope you WIN! and WIN BIG!! You deserve it and this chance.

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