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Hello Friends,

I am happy to be joining you again.  This is Kelly’s mom, Tracy.  If it’s Tuesday, this must be Tuesdays with Tracy. 

Tuesdays with Tracy June

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If this is your first visit to The Tattered Pew, welcome!  I often bring some practicalities with a strong side of pretties.

Tuesdays with Tracy Pretties

Let’s start with pretties in this beautiful month of June.  We live in Colorado and summer is always a welcome time.

This is the final capture of my Sarah Bernhardt Peony as she is saying goodbye to this season. I gushed on her in the May Tuesdays with Tracy.

Currently on my kitchen Island is a blue and white vase of faux flowers and greens.  Joined by peonies of course!

Let’s go outside to the front of our home. I have two black containers planted with annuals leading to our front door. I try to add pretty annual flowers each year in these pots. I saw these flowers already potted at Walmart and simply removed the pots and dropped them into these planters.

Isn’t God’s creation just amazing?  Look at this fat bumble bee enjoying the Lobelia! We need those sweet pollinators.

“The only reason for being a bee that I know of is to make honey… 

And the only reason for making honey 

is so I can eat it.”

Winnie the Pooh

Wander With Me

Let’s wander out to my back garden where there are some Gay Paree Peonies blooming.  Luckily these bloom a little later so we can have blooms for about three to four weeks with all of our peonies.

The Gay Paree Peonies have such unique blooms.

In May I shared some of my peonies in a bouquet on my coffee table.  I love the fallen petals of peonies and I sometimes save them and pull them out in winter.  This is what’s left of that bouquet…

I am inspired by the flowers in those two books.  I am looking forward to visiting those two cities this summer.  And you can be sure that I will be looking for some of the parks and gardens listed in these beautiful books.

“Would you like an adventure now, or would you like to have your tea first?’

J.M Barrie / Peter Pan

We are going on that adventure soon and plan on having our tea when we get there. London & Paris here we come.  

Tuesdays With Tracy Practicalities

In the April Tuesdays with Tracy I shared a bit about the clothes I am taking on our trip.  You can see that here.

So I decided to practice packing in some slim packing cubes.  Seven tops, three pants, and three dresses; all those clothes are in these cubes!  And yes, I’m patting myself on my back.  Ha!

I left them in the cubes for two days and they were definitely wrinkled when I took them out.  The linen was obviously the worst. As I said previously, I have only traveled with clothes that don’t wrinkle.

So I began to experiment with how to deal with those wrinkles. I don’t use an iron.  Some people love to iron clothes but I am not one of them. So…

I tried two things. 

First, I had purchased Downy Wrinkle Release in a travel size.  I sprayed it on the linen, pressed the wrinkles out with my hand, and it worked great! Easy peasy.

Second, I got to thinking that all my liquids have to fit in a quart size ziplock bag because we are doing carryon only. 


So I had discovered that some people mention taking a small empty spray bottle with strips of dryer sheets in it.  Upon arrival, add water, shake, and spray your wrinkled clothes.

Ok you guys, it worked brilliantly!  Below is one wrinkled mess of a leg and the other sprayed leg on my linen pants. 

Do you think my two beautiful daughters are trying all this planning stuff?  Absolutely not!  So, what do you think this mother did for her girls who are also going on this adventure?   I made them each a spray bottle with dryer sheet strips, ha!  They can thank me later.

I am taking a lightweight foldable duffle in my carryon that will help with any purchases while we are there. That bag and a few other items I am taking are in the links below.

Shop My Travel Favorites!

I can’t leave you with a photo of wrinkled pants so… here are the  last peonies for the season.

Tuesdays With Tracy

Whatever your plans are for summer, I hope you savor the pleasures.  Enjoy your morning coffee or tea outside. Play golf, watch baseball, or dip in a pool.  Sip iced tea and eat watermelon. Turn the fan up high and enjoy the breeze.  Summertime.

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

L.M. Montgomery

And, if you’ve been to London or Paris tell me about you favorite places in the comments below!



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  1. Love all the travel tips! Great ideas, I had never seen the cubes or heard of the de wrinkling ideas.
    Your peonies are gorgeous, enjoying ours too. Wish they lasted longer.

    Watch for the angels

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