Tuesdays With Tracy


Today is a very special day because my mom is making her first guest post here on the blog! This new series, Tuesdays With Tracy, will happen once a month. She will be sharing everything from fashion to furniture to her Faith! Come hang out with my mom. I guarantee you will adore her just like I do!

Tuesdays with my mom Tracy!

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Tuesdays With Tracy

Hello friends of The Tattered Pew. This is Kelly’s mom and I am visiting here on the blog today. My name is Tracy and I am going to share a little bit about myself for those of you who don’t already know me.

Marco Island with Mom and Dad
Me, Kelly and my husband Larry, in Marco Island, Florida this past summer.

I’m similar to Kelly in a lot of ways, especially in my faith, and also my enjoyment of coffee. Once I have had my morning coffee then I’m ready to go with some quiet time and Bible study. This week I am excited because it’s the second week of Bible Study Fellowship. 

www.bsfinternational.org is a worldwide, non-denominational Bible study that anyone can join. If you’re interested just scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and leave me a message in the comments and I can answer more questions.

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Our Family

I have been married to Kelly’s dad, Larry, for 45 years. Larry was a football coach and we moved around in the crazy world of college football. I loved my role as a stay at home mom to both Kelly and her sister Lindsey. And now I love my role as a grandmother to six grandchildren ages 22 to 5 years. 

Tuesday's With Tracy: LArry and I with all of our grandkids!
Larry and I with all 6 of our grandkids in Mexico

Time With My Girls

I rarely say no when one of my daughters calls to invite me to go to the flea markets. At this stage in life I don’t really need anything new, but I love to putz around and occasionally enjoy finding a unique item.

Quite a few pieces in our home would be considered vintage and that has come in handy for a couple of reasons.

First of all I love old things and thinking about how they have a history to them.

Secondly, it has come in handy because our furniture has many times been thrown onto a moving van as we moved around the country. 

Tracy's tattered pew
I have a pew in our entryway too!

Time With My Friends

Once a month I play bunco with some great friends.

Yes I am a bunco lady!

I also enjoy a good game of Mexican train dominoes and a card game called five crowns.

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One of my favorite things to do is travel. I love to travel to visit friends and family. I also love to vacation travel to warm weather and beaches.

In May we went to Ireland, Scotland, and London with good friends. Please scroll all the way down to the comments section and tell me your favorite vacation spot. 

Tracy with the Queen
The Queen and I

Isn’t the queen adorable in this photo. Oh she and I connected quite well when she found out I enjoy afternoon tea. 😉. As you can see below we enjoyed our visit to her home at Windsor Castle.  I am missing her already, and have been following the stories of her passing.

Larry and I enjoying our travels this past summer!

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Tuesdays With Tracy

Thanks for letting me ramble on a bit, it has been fun to hang out with you today. I will be back next month with a fun new post. Let me know if you have any questions. You can leave a comment below!


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  1. Great to meet you Tracy. I lost my mom at 26. We were best friends and saw each other 4 times a week.

    I love high tea too.

    Great series Kelly

    1. Nice to meet you Cindy. I lost my mom way too early also. I still think of her nearly every day. She’s the one who taught me the joys of afternoon tea.
      Cheers to tea!

  2. Tracy, you’re adorable! I can relate to your “loves”. This is a great stage of life to be in.

  3. That was a really fun post. We have lots in common. My husband recently retired, I have 6 grandsons and a baby granddaughter. It is so hard not to spoil her. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. Your Momma will be a great addition to your blog! What a blessing she is to so many! Give her a hug from me!

  5. Sounds like we’d be great friends. Except the coffee. I need to learn to like that. I love all kinds of games, Bunco and played Mexican Train on Saturday! 🙂 Looking forward to your posts.

    1. Well Cindy I say try coffee ice cream first, and if you like that then enjoy. If not then move on to the next flavor 😜.
      Cheers to enjoying the games!

  6. I love Tracy. Paul is so happy to know Tracy for LOVING TACO BELL just like he does!
    Paul and I consider Tracy ( and Larry) good friends and special people who have instilled their values and beliefs in their children and grandchildren. Can’t wait for next month’s Tuesday with Tracy! KELLY LOVE YOUR BLOG and creativity.

  7. Hi Tracy,
    It’s so nice to meet you. It was so. much fun reading your post.
    I am a huge fan of Kelly. I love that she shares so much of your time together.
    Everyone needs a mama like you. The world would be a better place.

    Hugs and blessings to you both.

    1. Hi Renae it’s nice to meet you too and thanks for your encouraging words. I’m a big fan of Kelly’s also! 😊 It’s a blessing that we enjoy many of the same interests.

  8. I belong to three bunco groups a month ($17). Being a widow means lots of friends, Bible study each week, family, reading, cared games with my

    1. Phyllis we are kindred souls! How fun that we have so many things in common. Cheers to that and thank you for reading the blog.

  9. I love this new series! I love the pictures and the recommendations. Tracy, I love your take on a niche with the distressed wooden shutters–beautiful and unique. It’s not difficult to see where Kelly gets her golden touch! I look forward to reading your monthly Tuesday contributions!!

  10. I love this new series! I especially love the pictures and the recommendations. Tracy, I love your take on the niche with the distressed wooden shutters–beautiful and unique! It’s not hard to see where Kelly gets her golden touch with home design and decoration. I can’t wait to see more!

  11. Hi, Tracy! Love this idea. BSF was huge for all the gals in my family and my mom was a leader.
    Coffee is a must have and vintage is always a win! Looking forward to these posts!

  12. Hi Tracy, so nice to meet you! How wonderful that Kelly is sharing you with all of us. You have a lovely family and are blessed to be able to travel with all of them. I attended BSF for about 7 years back in the 90’s and it was a major highpoint of my Christian growth. I hope you’ll join in more often and share more of your vintage goodies. There’s a wide span of ages in vintage decor blogging. You’re so welcome to join us. Debra ps, I have a pew, too!!

    1. Debra I feel the same way about BSF and how it has been a huge blessing in my life. And you’re right about vintage decor and the span of ages who enjoy it, maybe I’ll jump in with a few more photos!

  13. So nice to meet you, Tracy! You’re as adorable as your sweet daughter Kelly. So fun that you’re doing this series on her blog. My blog partner & bestie love a great card game too…Mexican Dominos is super fun but have you tried Sequence? That’s our go-to game to play against our husbands with a glass of wine or two for game night.

    1. AnnMarie I think I would like to join you in a game of Sequence! We have played that with friends and now I will have to buy the game and some wine for our house! 😄

  14. Hello GORGEOUS! I am one of the blessed who actually gets to spend a bit of time with this amazing woman! I am so happy the two of you have such a wonderful relationship and share so much time together. I sure miss my mom and wish we had a second chance sometimes to do things as you two are doing. Thank you for bringing me FINALLY to BSF again! It has already changed my life in so many different ways just in week 2! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the Bible in a deeper way. This is a great idea for the blog Kelly! I love it! Thank you Tracy! See you next week!

    1. Nicole thanks so much for reading the blog and your very kind words. I am so happy to be experiencing BSF alongside you this year!

  15. Very nice to meet you Tracy, I loved the Queen too and tea and coffee! You have beautiful grandchildren and I cant wait to hear more from you!

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