Welcome Home Saturday

Hello friends! Welcome to this week’s edition of Welcome Home Saturday, a weekly series where several of my friends and I gather every Saturday on our blogs to share what is inspiring us around the web. Plus, catch a peek into what’s been happening with me lately.

Welcome Home Saturday

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Happenings at Home

Hey friends, I’m back. This summer is a busy one for me so my Welcome Home Saturday posts will be random.

But I promise they will be packed full of so much goodness. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled for an email from me on Saturday mornings. If you don’t see one you can always stop by the blog to check if I posted!

Today is my dad’s birthday! He is such a blessing to all of us and we were able to celebrate him here this past Wednesday with my mom, my sister and her family and ours. It was a fun night! I love him so much and I am always so thankful to have him close by.

Papa's Birthday with his girls
Pap and his girls!

Next up we are heading to Europe to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday! I know I have mentioned that here before but it is finally time!

We have all been so busy preparing for this momentous trip and now it’s finally here!

We will be visiting London and Paris, and if you want to follow along I will be sharing in my Instagram stories over on both of my pages: Lazy Girl’s Garden Club & The Tattered Pew!

I of course will be sharing blog posts all about it when we return!

The Garden

Things are coming along very nicely! Our all white peonies are in full bloom and really showing off! I used THIS fertilizer in early spring when I cut them back and I swear it really helped!

If you love peonies like me you might want to check out my Tips & Tricks for the Best Peonies post!

Next up are my zinnias! The ones in the raised beds are coming along now that I changed out our soaker hoses and added a drip to the back two.

I also planted more zinnias in pots! They popped up so quickly and I can’t wait to see how big they are when we get back from our trip. This year I planted Lilliput and Thumbelina’s and added nasturtium as well!

zinnias in pots and nasturtium too

If you want my lazy girl tips for growing zinnias in pots I have you covered!

This Week On The Blog

This week on the blog I shared, Lazy Girl Watering Essentials: Effortless Techniques for a Thriving Garden.

Lazy Girl Watering Essentials

I also updated my, Best Blackstone Griddle Accessories Gift Guide For Dads post, since Father’s Day I s just about a week away. This is one of Mike’s all time favorite Father’s Day gifts he ever got.

The Best Blackstone Griddle Accessories For Dads

Links and Loves

I have some fun links to share with you all today. Did you know if you click a shopping link in one of my posts and buy something (even if it’s not the same item I have linked) I earn a commission? Pretty awesome right? I am always thankful when you shop through my links. It helps keep this little blog afloat.

Today’s links are all my travel must haves for Europe!

  • Use this instead of the liquid form! Great for your carry on.
  • I got Grace this packable rain jacket and Crosby this one!
  • These adapters are a must!
  • If you want to bring items back then these are perfect! Our dirty clothes will go in these and get checked and the items we buy will go in our carry-ons.
  • A must for our liquids!
  • I struggle with chargers but these have wonderful ratings and don’t require extra cords.

Want even more curated lists? Visit my Amazon Storefront where I have everything organized and linked for you in one spot!

Features from Friends

After visiting some of my friend’s blogs I decided it would be fun to share them with you!

My friend Kim had an amazing post titled The Ultimate Guide: Trellises For Raised Bed Gardens . And if you know me now I want one!

Little known fact around the blog, I was actually born in California! My Aunt Pam and cousins still live there. So when I saw Wendy’s California Backyard Living: Outdoor Home and Garden Tour, I was swooning. You must stop by and see what I mean!

Finally, with Father’s Day around the corner and my post about our Blackstone griddle, I thought you would love Jen’s post featuring 20 Of The Best Easy Father’s Day BBQ Recipes! Jen always has the best recipes. My favorite is her smoked country style ribs! What would you choose?

Coming Up On the Blog

Next week I will be over in Europe so there won’t be a new blog from me. However, my mom is working on her June, Tuesdays With Tracy blog post and hopes to have it ready to schedule for when we are away.

In the meantime, did you catch her Tuesdays With Trach from May? It was a good one!

Tuesdays with Tracy

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll be back with a new Welcome Home Saturday in a few weeks when we are back from our European travels!

I’d love to have you hang out with me some more! Feel free to follow along with me on any of the platforms linked below.

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  1. Having a good father is such a blessing, mine was awesome but not everyone gets a great one. Hope the trip to Europe goes well for your mum’s 70th.

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