A Pew for our Porch!


As most of you know I have a thing for old church pews.  I have been dreaming of adding one to our front porch for quite awhile now.  And guess what? It finally happened! I have found another tattered pew to add to my collection. (You can read about how I found my first pew HERE) This new beauty fits perfectly on our front porch and has already been put to great use !

Let me tell you all about it!

The Story

Old pews with character seem to be harder and harder to find these days and most of the time they are out of my price range. Thankfully I am lucky enough to have friends who are always on the look out for me and one of those sweet friends is Brooke from Brooklyn Finds Design. Last weekend Brooke had a booth set up at an outdoor barn sale and I was excited to go! I always love visiting her because she has the best finds (like the white bee box that is now under the the pew and the old picnic basket were both fabulous finds I got from her) Well last weekend she didn’t disappoint!  The minute I laid eyes on this pew in her booth I was in love.

However, I was worried it wouldn’t fit on my porch! This baby is almost 9 feet long! So Brooke kindly held on to it for me while I ran home and measured. Hallelujah and thank you Jesus it fit!! And as you can see it fits perfectly and was meant to be! Thanks Brooke for finding this awesome pew and for being willing to sell it to me!!!

Isn’t the detail on this old pew just stunning?

On to the fun part…Decorating

Well needless to say I have been having fun decorating and styling this old beauty! I think I might need that shirt that says “Decorating is my CARDIO” because boy,  were those creative juices flowing once I got going!

Adding this darling little “blessed” pillow made by my sister in front of my Hobby Lobby buffalo check pillows worked well and then I ran with the black and white and green theme. It contrasts so nicely against the old worn wood! Then I added my favorite galvanized bucket and fern on the side for some balance.  I purchased these ferns for only $12 from our local grocery store! I love a great deal!

Flowers are the best and I couldn’t resist adding these fresh flowers from my neighbor’s yard (Thanks Megan!) in this old basket and it fits perfectly under the pew!

Next, I grabbed this vintage chenille bedspread and laid it on the end of the pew for a pop of white! I love using unexpected items outside!

My next job is to get those white geraniums planted and to power wash this beauty.  I also want to give her a name…so if you have a fantastic name idea you can leave it in the comments below or join me over on Instagram where I am also asking friends to share their ideas. Because it only makes sense that I would name my pew, right!?

The perfect pew for our porch!

Isn’t she lovely? Thank you for sharing in my excitement! I am so ready to start making memories on our newest tattered pew. We have already spent several wonderful nights relaxing on the porch with our kids and neighbors and that only seems fitting now that summer is here. Happy summer my friends! I hope it is filled with fantastic finds, adventures and memories with those you love!



PS-Don’t forget to leave a comment below with a name that you think would be perfect for our new pew! There just might be a little something for you if I choose your name!


We have a name…meet, Miss Fanny!

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  1. I think she looks like an Ella, a strong yet beautiful and regal name that still has that warm and inviting feeling. A name that like the bench has stood the test of time.

  2. How about Pepe, as in Pepe the Pew?Maybe Penelope and Pepe could be her nickname.

  3. I am thinking….Peppermint Patty.
    Just because.
    Good taste and smells and memories right there….just like you are making with the pew.
    And then it could also be named after ME! I have never had a pew named after me! LOL

  4. Faith would be a strong name! You never gave up faith in yourself that you would find
    The Pew of your dreams!

  5. How about Shauna’s pew or something like it? While I’m inclined to go with Pepe (nice one Denise, very Kerr-esque of you) the timing of your finding the pew, Shauna’s great faith in God and her love of decorating…it might be a good fit. You can sit on it, watch the kids, enjoy nature and count blessings. Maybe the Blessed Bench??

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