Cozy and Collected Fall Family Room

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Can I share a secret with you? I feel like my style is slowly changing and evolving. Today’s cozy and collected Fall family room shares some evidence of that. If I’m being honest I don’t really like to label my style because it is always evolving. When it comes to decorating I do what I want and what I love. 

As I was decorating our family room for Fall I felt and noticed a bit of a shift with some of my choices. My normal “farmhousey” style picks were not what I was gravitating towards this Fall. Let me show you what I mean.

*This post contains affiliate links.A cozy and collected Fall family room tour.

But first, I am honored to be joining Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home today for her Embracing Fall Home Tour. If you are coming from Shelley at Calypso In The Country, welcome! Don’t you just love her Fall decor?

Cozy and Collected Fall Family Room

Welcome to our cozyand collected family room. This space is the hub of our home and it is constantly changing. Last winter we bought my dream sofa from Pottery Barn . This Fall I made a smaller furniture change with the new round side table that sits beside our sofa. 

Our cozy and collected Fall family room shows off a bit of my changing style.

The beautiful floral tablecloth I am borrowing from my mom. Our good family friend Pam Brown, (who happens to read my blog), gave it to her as a gift. Thanks mom and Pam for letting me borrow it! I absolutely love the colors. It was my inspiration for this cozy Fall family room!

My New Love

It’s official, I am turning in to my mom! Ha! I have watched my mom’s style evolve over the years and I am following in her footsteps. Which in my opinion is always a good thing! She has had beautiful blue and white ginger jars in her decor since I was a young girl. Well, recently I have found myself drawn to these blue and white jars as well. This beautiful one on my new table is actually hers; i’m just borrowing it and trying it out. I am so thankful she is willing to share her decor with me!

The dried Annabelle hydrangeas are still the perfect shade of green thanks to my secret tip for drying hydrangeas! The lamp was previously in our bedroom and I brought it down to try and loved it on this table. I am always using items from other rooms in my home (or my mom’s)!  😉

Cozy and Collected

I am having fun mixing colors, patterns and textures. Everything from the jar, to the rug to the tablecloth to even my pillows offer that cozy and collected vibe I am currently digging.

A cozy and collected Fall family room tour.

Across the Room

Across the room you can find most of my “collected items” . My awesome vintage green shutters displaying my large DIY farmhouse wreath sit behind my Facebook marketplace dresser that I painted. I am loving my consignment shop Restoration Hardware chairs but I am not really liking the black IKEA lamp or white coffee table any longer. I feel like I want to move towards more of a French/European Farmhouse look rather than a modern farmhouse look. Or honestly just an eclectic mix of what I like.

I’m still in love with blues, greens, decorating with baskets and vintage finds. But I’m now on the hunt for some cane or bamboo furniture pieces to add to the mix. Maybe some new kitchen bar stools or dining room chairs? I also have loved the chic chinoserie style lately (like the blue and white jars) and I’m trying to bring bits of it into my decor…slowly! If you are curious what this style is all about you can check out my Chinoserie Chic Pinterest board.

Fall Family Room Style

All in all I’m loving my Fall family room and it’s current cozy and collected style. However, there are some changes on my mind and luckily our home and current style lends itself to these changes. Have you ever had a change of heart with your decorating style? I like to think that I am just evolving over the years as I mature and find what I like and items that are timeless rather than what the crowd likes or what is affordable and fills a space. I am working on being more patient and waiting for those just right timeless pieces. At least that’s what I tell my husband! hee hee 🙂

Our niche is always a fun spot to decorate. I never did really like it until we added the Weaber Lumber boards to the back. Now it has some character and the blue gather sign from Hobby Lobby really pops!

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Thank You for Stopping By

I really appreciate you stopping by and listening to me ramble on about my ever changing decor style. Our cozy Fall family room has really come so far and I love that it is always such a great space to switch things up in! Do you have a “style” or you a bit eclectic like me?

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  1. Your family room is such a cozy and welcoming space! As a fan of blue and white, I enjoyed seeing how you incorporated your pieces into your room. Your mix of patterns and textures is so inspiring – love that floral tablecloth! Thanks for taking us on a tour of your family room and so great to hop with you!

  2. Such a pretty space Kelly! I love how your trying out different styles. I think as we grow and change our style does too. It’s fun to move things around and create new looks no matter what the season. Safe travels today and happy fall, CoCo

  3. Hi, just discovered your blog, thanks to Calypso in the Country and today’s tour! I really love your home.
    When you said you feel yourself leaning towards French country/eclectic, it really struck a chord with me. I just replaced my neutral curtains throughout my living/dining rooms with red and white checked fabric, hung from black rods with black ring clips; the kitchen now has an adorable red/white/black rooster theme. Recently I found three coordinating, old fashioned paintings of fruits and flowers in bowls over a black distressed background- they are going up over my white buffet in the dining room today. I seem to be craving color and a sort of return to the past? Time to get my tole tray collection out of storage!

  4. Well all of those years when we told ourselves NOT to turn into our mother was a lie. I love your new gravitation’s and eclectic style. It all looks so fun and happy. Enjoy your fall.

  5. Your room absolutely is cozy and comfortable. That sofa is perfect, I am glad you got to get your dream sofa, and those consignment store chairs are gorgeous. I understand wanting to mix things up like your lamp and coffee table, sometimes we just need to change things up! Your wreaths are great and give a nod to the fall season! Bravo!

  6. That ginger jar on the pretty end tablecloth looks superb, Kelly! I love that you’re adopting some of your mom’s style. My style is constantly evolving, too, but we’re all influenced by what we’ve grown up seeing. Or maybe we start to appreciate it more as we get older? Everything looks perfectly lovely for fall. I love your DIY wreath, too!

  7. Kelly, I know just what you mean about evolving style and avoiding labels. I am all about cozy and collected and your home is lovely! Happy Fall! Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  8. Love your room and your pretty fall decor. I especially loved seeing you use a pretty round cloth on the side table, it adds so much pattern and texture to the room. Your fireplace and TV niche is so interesting too, I really love the curved arch top.

  9. An eclectic mix that’s constantly evolving is the best way to ward off getting out of style, I think! I love how you added some eclectic items to your farmhouse style; gives it a little bit of ethnic charm! Love the Gather sign.

  10. Great post Kelly! I know exactly what you mean about evolving style. I always love anything vintage, but it can be a bit kitschy or elegant vintage, it really doesn’t matter. I might buy an old rusty bucket and an ornate gilded picture frame on the same day at a vintage market. I just decorate with what speaks to me but European French and even Traditional English cottage are my true decor loves. Like you, I started experimenting with blue and white and Chinoiserie this past year which I shared in my summer home tour.
    Everything looks cozy, collecting and welcoming for the season. Thank you for embracing fall with us!

  11. My style was definitely influenced by my mother. When I visit her house, I’m always walking around admiring her displays and she does the same thing at my house. We also borrow things from each other.

    Love that tablecloth that you borrowed from your mom. It adds such a nice pop of color to your room and the ginger jar filled with Hydrangea on your table looks so pretty.

    You have a lovely space to enjoy this fall!

  12. Kelly, your Fall family room is gorgeous! I love the mix of colors against the white walls. I swear if we ever repaint the interior of our house it’s going to be all white – so much easier to deal with! So happy to be on tour with you!

  13. Kelly, I think your room is decorated very cozy for fall, and I think you’re moving in the right direction with your evolution. It’s been great being in this tour with you.

  14. Isn’t is great to have a sweet mom that is willing to share? I’m always open to do that for my kids as well. The tablecloth is really a beauty! Cozy and comfy for sure!
    happy fall,

  15. Absolutely beautiful !
    Did u paint that green piece yourself?
    If so I would like vet info on it?

  16. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love every detail! I adore that green dresser! It makes me want to paint something green!

  17. Kelly, you are making great changes to your decor. I think you should let your style evolve and your inspiration leads you. We all like to change things up a bit from time to time. Moving items from one room to another. Creates a while new look – without spending a penny. It’s great that you could use your mom’s pretty tablecloth for fall display. Happy fall decorating.

  18. It’s all so pretty Kelly! I love the colors in that tablecloth and I’ve always loved ginger jars. It looks so pretty on the table with hydrangeas. It’s fun to see the whole room and those favorite signature pieces of yours. I’m still drooling over that wreath!!

  19. Kelly,
    Welcome to the French Country style of decorating. LOL… Don’t you think most people’s decorating styles evolve over time as we discover new pieces to love? My style certainly has evolved from American Country to French Country. But, you know I have always loved blue. My walls are still painted the same pale periwinkle blue from decades ago.

    Of course, I am drawn to your French style chair, the white painted chest of drawers, and the shutters with the wreath. Love how they all look together.

    As you can see, I am WAY, WAY behind on commenting on blogs, and with the upcoming holidays I don’t think I will ever get caught up. Thank goodness for quick and easy Instagram to keep in touch… at least a little bit.

    Happy Fall,

    1. Judith,
      You are just the sweetest! Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me on my decorating journey. I adore you and your style! Blessings on the upcoming holidays with your family!

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