DIY Patriotic Door Basket

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Are you team wreath or team door basket? I have slowly converted to door baskets and can’t wait to show you why! If you are like me you love simple yet beautiful ways to add patriotic decor to your home during the summer months. Nothing too overstated yet still impactful. Well today I am so excited to share my DIY patriotic door basket I created for those lovely summer months and patriotic holidays!

DIY Patriotic Door Basket

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Why a Door Basket and Not a Wreath?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty wreath but I was ready to mix things up a bit! Enter my new found love of door baskets!

Door baskets offer endless possibilities when it comes to design. While wreaths are often limited to circular shapes, door baskets come in various shapes and sizes. They can be oval, rectangular, or even asymmetrical, allowing for more creative expression and customization. This versatility enables homeowners to find a door basket that perfectly complements their unique style and the architectural features of their home.

Hanging door basket ready to be filled with greenery, flowers and flags!

Another key advantage of door baskets is their practicality and functionality. Unlike wreaths, which are typically hung by a single hook or nail, door baskets often feature sturdy handles or hooks that make it easier to hang them securely on the door. Additionally, the spacious design of door baskets allows for more room to incorporate elements such as potted plants, flowers, or seasonal decorations. This flexibility enables homeowners to switch out the contents of the basket and create a personalized display for different occasions or seasons.

Patriotic Inspiration Blog Hop

Happy June first! To usher in these lovely summer months you are in for a treat today, a Patriotic Inspiration Blog Hop!

Patriotic Blog Hop

This lovely blog hop is hosted by my dear friend Pasha of Pasha is Home. We have so much red, white and blue decorating ideas that I know you will leave excited to try some of them for yourself. You can find all of the post linked at the end of mine.

If you are hopping over from Marty’s blog A Stroll Thru Life and her Patriotic Pool Party ideas , welcome. Wasn’t her post so fun? Now I want a pool!

DIY Patriotic Door Basket

Ok, let’s take a peek now at how I was able to put together this darling patriotic door basket in seriously 5 minutes! And lets see if I can convince you that door baskets are just as good as wreaths!

For those of you who are new to my blog you will quickly come to see that I am all about simple little projects that anyone can do. So if that’s your jam too, and you love home decor, gardening and a hot mess mama who love Jesus, coffee and a good gin and tonic (that’s me, Kelly!) then subscribe here and I will hook you up with all the fun insider ideas I share here on the blog.

DIY Patriotic Door Basket on our wood front door!

Supplies Needed for Door Basket

You need just 4 items to make this DIY patriotic door basket.

The Simple Steps for Putting This Door Basket Together

Step One: The Basket

You will need a basket that is large and long and able to hang on your door. Some of these might be referred to as wall baskets, door baskets or hanging baskets. They have flat backs so they lay nicely on your door or wall.

Empty door basket

There are so many awesome basket options. I found mine at a local shop called The Pineapple Market here in Northern Colorado.

Here are a few others I have found if you are in the market for one yourself!

Step Two: The Greenery

Ok so after the basket you will grab some greenery to add to your basket . I found this three pack of the most realistic greenery this past spring and it has been put to good use all around my house. I love it because it is long and bendable and affordable.

I simply bent two of the greenery stems to make them fit better in the basket and kept one long. I love the wispy look it adds since it is a bit longer. Their dimension adds the perfect amount of depth.

Honestly, if I had one more set of these stems for this basket it would be gorgeous with just the greenery alone!

Step Three: The Flowers

Next, you simply add some large white flowers! Make sure the stems are large enough so they prop themselves up in the baskets. I picked large hydrangeas so they filled the basket more and were easily seen.

My flower of choice, like I mentioned above, are these stunning faux hydrangeas. Friends, they do not get any better than these. The petals on these are real touch latex feeling and not silk. The stems are long and thick and they come in a set of 3. There are multiple colored ones but I can only vouch for the white ones. I will most likely be buying more because they are so realistic looking.

Step Four: The Flags

Finally, for that fun patriotic summer touch, slip in a few little flags on wooden dowels. I found mine at the Dollar Store a few years back but you can find them on Amazon or Walmart or even your local grocery store.

Flags in a door basket with white hydrangeas and green stems, perfect for the patriotic summer holidays.

Hanging Your DIY Parotitic Door Basket

Ok and the last step is actually hanging your new patriotic door basket!

In a sea of traditional wreaths, door baskets offer a unique and eye-catching alternative. Their distinct shape and natural textures draw attention and create visual interest. Door baskets can be adorned with ribbons, bows, or other decorative accents, further enhancing their appeal and allowing homeowners to showcase their personal style.

Gorgeous DIY patriotic door basket on our wood door

I’m loving how this turned out and honestly it makes me smile every time we pull in the driveway. My husband might disagree because he says it hits him in the head every time he opens the door. Ha!

Side view of our pretty DIY patriotic door basket

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DIY Patriotic Door Basket

Well there you have it, my simple DIY patriotic door basket tutorial! A lovely way to dress up your front door for those patriotic summer holidays. Did I make you consider this option instead of a wreath? I hope so, even if for just a little while. Make sure to stop back by the blog next week when I share a tour of our outdoor spaces in both the front and back yard!

Next up on this patriotic blog hop is my talented friend Kim, from Cottage In the Mitten and she is sharing how to set a red, white and blue table! After you stop by her post then please make sure to scroll down a bit more to find the links for the other bloggers joining the hop today! So much goodness, I promise.

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  1. I love this door basket Kelly. The shape of the basket is fantastic and I love the rope tied around it too! Such a great alternative to the traditional wreath!

  2. I just made my first door basket this spring. I think they are so easy to work with. I love the shape of your basket and it looks so pretty! Nice job, friend!🇺🇸💙

  3. I love how long and thin your basket is. Stunning and the floral arrangement you designed is perfect. Love it all.

  4. This is so cute Kelly! I love using faux hydrangeas in my summer door and a basket on the door sounds like the perfect place for them ;)!

  5. Oh, Kelly! I just love how simple this decor idea is! So many patriotic holidays coming up to use this for decorating! You’re so creative! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  6. Your door basket turned out beautifully Kelly! And it looks so pretty styled on your front door. What a wonderful way to welcome guests to your home this summer.

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