Monday Must Haves

Welcome to this week’s Monday Must Haves, where I share a collection of things that have caught my eye lately! Everything from home to beauty to clothing. Plus, each week I will be featuring a small shop for you to check out. Nothing is off limits!

If you missed last week’s must haves you can see them here!

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Monday Must HAves Collage

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Monday Must Haves Blue Edition

  1. Let me tell you about my new favorite satin striped pajamas! I recently bought these on sale and I can’t wait to get another pair or gift them to friends and family. They are so cozy, comfy and silky smooth and come in so many other colors and patterns. I love my pajamas to be bigger when I sleep so I went with a large and they fit perfect. As of Sunday night they are still on sale. Crossing my fingers they stay on sale for you too!
striped pajamas-Monday Must Haves

2. This soft linen 6 piece towel set I also snagged on sale and decided to include them in my Monday Must Haves. They have over 44, 000 4.5/5 star ratings so I decided to give them a try for the kids or guests. Well funny enough Mike and I are currently using them. Ha! So far they are excellent towels and they come in multiple color options as well!

white towels-Monday Must Haves

3. Ok we don’t have this yet but I really want one! This Crockpot electric lunch box would be perfect for when kiddos have multiple sports or dance practices and not enough time to go home for dinner in between. I know our girls would love this loaded up with some warm buttered noodles. The inside is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Make sure to check all of the different colors because they all vary in prices.

blue small crock pot-Monday Must Haves

4. Do you wear slippers around the house? We sure do especially this time of year as things are starting to cool down. A good slipper for me is one that is comfy, soft and cute. These slippers fit all of my criteria! Plus the price point and assortment of different colors are hard to beat. Maybe I will get several pairs to match my new satin pajama addiction I have. Hee hee

blue slippers-Monday Must Haves

5. Have you heard of these eye massagers? We had not until my sister got my husband one of these for his birthday. The Renpho eye massager has a heat option as well as Bluetooth music and is known for helping with migraines or eye strain. It basically massages your eyes and forehead. Mike gets migraines and this has been so good for him (it doesn’t cure them just helps). I might steal it every now and then too because it truly feels amazing. It has over 15,000 positive reviews!

eye mask-Monday Must Haves

6. SMALL SHOP SPOTLIGHT: This week I want to share my friend Maggie’s shop, She Pens Truth. Maggie and I have been friends for several years now and I have done a few of her wonderful Bible studies. Her shop is full of beautiful stickers, stationery, print sets, wall art, devotionals, and digital Bible Studies! I have gotten many of her stickers and added them to the girls Easter baskets over the years and for other fun events. Her shop is full of great gifts for the upcoming holidays. Stop by and check it out! Maggie is so kind and has offered a 15% discount for you at checkout, just use code: TATTERED15 . How awesome is that?!

Deep Waters print

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    1. I enjoy seeing what others are l
      Looking at, and buying. I think the slippers have my name on them since the mornings are getting a bit chilly.

  1. Good Monday morning! I must have the 6-piece towel set. I’ve been putting off buying new towels. Those look so soft and comfy.

  2. Those towels look like just the thing my husband and I could use. Like most people, towels are what we give as gifts and rarely buy for ourselves. They look so luxurious.
    I would pick the towels.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. The eye massager sounds interesting! I get migraines too and wonder if they would help? Thank you for sharing about them!
    Love your blog!

  4. I can see why there a top picks hard th choose one but it would be nice to have the Pjs I love reading your post and you do keep me current on a few things like the crock pot not having kids may not have noticed it…… Thank You for giving us some of your time and sharing with us.

  5. I look forward to your Monday Must Haves blog. Last week I had to have the plaid shacket, and today I have my eye on those Turkish cotton towels.
    Thank you for doing all the leg work on finding these cool, beautiful, fun things.
    You make Monday mornings way more fun.

  6. Love your feature and I plan on getting plenty of Christmas ideas from it! The crock pot idea is intriguing, but I seriously need some new towels and these look amazing!

  7. Hi Kelly, I look so forward to your Monday Must Haves. This week’s Renpho eye massager is what I would pick if you selected my name. Since you and Mike give it positive reviews (along with thousands of others-I checked out reviews and videos), it must be a winner! My daughter is a Bilingual, Special Education Elementary school teacher and has migraines. She sleeps over at my house once a week; she would absolutely love trying these out too.

  8. I love seeing pictures of your home – blues and browns together is one of my favorite color combinations!
    I would choose the towels from today’s Monday Must Haves. After 37 years of marriage, I need replacements!

  9. I have been following all your blog posts before moving to your new home. I have used some of your ideals. Love them all!!
    Choosing only one must have for me would be the; She pens truth shop by Maggie. Love the small painted picture “Deep waters”
    Thank you for sharing your blogs and bringing enjoyment to my life.

  10. Good morning Kelly, I enjoy reading your blog. Have been following you for awhile. I especially like the decorating. Your home is so cozy. My favorite must have would be the towels. I figure if you and your husband are using them and they haven’t made it to the kids or guests they must be a ” must have”.

  11. This is a solid list of pampered choices. I narrowed it down to the towels and slippers……the towels win.
    Thanks for your generous offer.

  12. All good choices but I have to say the eye massage was intriguieing My daughter has migraines so I would love to give it to her. Thanks for the offer.Have a wonderful fall.

  13. I’m interested in PJ’s but would like to have long pants and long sleeves. Do you have any suggestions. I appreciate your comments regarding pajamas. I really need some good jammas.

  14. Love reading your posts all those give always look awesome, but the best would be the eye massager, my daughter suffers from migraines, would be great for her

  15. Your posts are awesome! Thank you for sharing so many good things as well as your amazing talents.
    All those must_haves are so fun, you can’t go wrong! But if I had to pick one, it would be the eye massager. How great would that be at the end of a long workday?
    Thanks again for brightening my inbox!

  16. I would definitely pick the Renpho eye massager. The medication I am on has resulted in dry eye syndrome, so I often have to have a heat pack on my eyes when they hurt. Would love to try this one.

  17. Kelly, Thank you so much for your Monday Must Have Posts! I have ordered several things from your recommendations! I just ordered the pjs today since they’re on sale and I have been wanting some forever! But I LOVE the RENPHO EYE MASSAGER! I need one of those in my life since several people in our house suffer from migraines frequently!

  18. While all the picks are great and it’s hard to pick one; I’d have to say a good set of towels is always welcome in my home.

  19. Oh Kelllllly! These are such great finds!! Thank you for sharing them. That little croc pot is so cool! And who knew that migraine/eye sufferers could find relief! That is so amazing. But looking at my own slippers and comparing them to your beautiful, fluffy slippers, I would choose the slippers so that I could look pretty while I cook and clean house. 😌. Thank you for another lovely blog and your sweet offer, Kelly❣️

  20. Happy Monday Kelly. Always a great start to my week when I read your blog. You have been such an inspiration to me. Keep it up!! The towels seem wonderful and who can not use new towels but the slipper seem something that would pamper my tootsies. I would love a pair!! Thanks for all you do!! Enjoy your week.

  21. Those jammie’s are so darn cute and look very comfortable! Thank you for the opportunity and for all of the ongoing inspiration!

  22. Kelly, I love all your picks but I would pick the crock pot. I have never owned one. Thanks for the chance.

  23. I love Monday Must Haves! I’m putting the eye massager on my Christmas list! My allergies give me headaches and discomfort around my eyes. This massager sounds like a great tool to help me. Thanks!

  24. Love Love Love your Monday Must Haves Post! I look forward to them to start my week! Would love to have the bedroom slippers. I really need a new pair! Thanks for your ideas.

  25. I look forward to these Monday must haves. I am curious about the Eye massager and would love to try it.

  26. Hi Kelly. I would love to try the Renpho Eye Massager. I have the occasional migraine, but it also looks like something I would like to use for meditation. Thank you for gifting. 🙂

  27. It is a tough choice! I love them all! I think the eye massager sounds interesting so I will go with that!

  28. I love the pretty blue & white PJ’s!! They look so silky & soft!!
    Enjoy your beautiful fall weather!!

  29. The eye massager would be the one for me. I have a terrible time with dry eyes due to a combination of Bell’s Palsy and too much screen time. One I can control, the other one I can’t. I do enjoy these Monday emails. Most come on a Friday, but it is like opening a gift on Monday morning to see new and exciting products. Thank you.

  30. The eye massager has been on my wishlist! I get migraines once or twice a month during that lovely time of the month. But those pjs are screaming my name too!

  31. Your friend from She Pens Truth has such beautiful and inspiring prints. Just love them.

  32. Kelly, you are so fun doing a give away each month! I think the Renpho Eye Massager looks amazing! It looks to be so relaxing and soothing! It says that it helps you sleep and at my age I need all the help I can get for a good night’s sleep!

  33. I know you will have trouble picking one subscriber to fulfill their wish, but if you choose me, I’d definitely love to see if the eye massager can help my excruitiating pain from headaches that often keeps me from reading or doing other things during my day to day chores. Thank you very much for your generous offer.

  34. The slippers look so cozy but the crock pot lunch box would be excellent for the hubbys lunch!

  35. Thank you for all your great posts. Love all The Monday Must Haves and giveaways that you do. I would love to have the Renpho Eye Massager and share it with my husband, he gets the migraines and I just want to relax and chill listening to the bluetooth. Thank you again.

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