Shared Girls’ Bedroom Makeover


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Shared Girls’ Bedroom Makeover

Adarling little girls' shared bedroom makeover on a budget!

This past week was my Spring Break  (I’m a kindergarten teacher) and I decided to tackle a mini makeover of the bedroom that my two little girls share. I love doing this sort of thing, you know…redecorating every chance I get?!  So for me this was a relaxing break from my every day normal routine.  Plus it was truly a team effort which made it all the more fun…. and they LOVE it, which makes it all worthwhile!

The Shared Girls’ Room Makeover

This makeover was way overdue and the girls were begging us for beds of their own. They were sleeping in bunk beds and my oldest struggled with making her bed and keeping her covers on. (I am curious if she will actually make her bed now that she can reach it.) But you never know, she never ceases to amaze me:) I’m just excited that this short mama doesn’t have to climb up a ladder just to kiss her goodnight or rub her back!


So I told them if mama could sell their bunk beds we would use that money to start their bedroom makeover. Before I even had the chance to list them on our neighborhood page, my father called me and said that a neighbor of theirs was in search of bunk beds for their grand kids and wanted to check ours out!

I was so excited, especially about not having to go through all the work of listing them! We sent the lady some pictures and told her they were $200.  She immediately texted that she wanted them! I was over the moon because they had actually been given to us for free by a neighbor who had been moving and now we had the money to start looking for new beds!

Jenny Lind Bed Walmart-Shared girls room makeover.

The hunt was on for fun, affordable beds! I love the look of Jenny Lind style beds but finding two vintage ones at an affordable price wasn’t happening so I searched Pinterest for Jenny Lind style beds. I came across a few but they were all outrageous and not even close to our budget! Then a small miracle happened… I googled Jenny Lind beds for sale and came across some darling ones at Walmart. Yes you read that right, Walmart! And you better believe they were in the budget. You can  shop them here. I have to give my husband  major props because he set these beds up in less than an hour! He is the muscles behind this makeover for sure!

Drop cloth bed skirt in the shared girls room makeover.
Shared girls room makeover.

Shop the Post!

A sweet and budget friendly shared girls room makeover.


The bedding I scored from Target. I found the floral quilts during their 20% off bedding sale for $24 each while the folded mint quilts were on clearance for $8 each. (update:this bedding is no longer sold at Target but I found a similar one HERE) I also received an additional 5% off for using my Target Red Card.  I love a good deal!  

The bed skirts I made myself (with the help of my awesome sister and her nail gun) out of drop cloths that I bleached.  The drop cloth was a total of $30 from Lowes!  Click HERE for the tutorial post on the bed skirts! The pink polka dot pillows were made by my best friend Laura who also made the curtains from some fabric that I have had in our closet for 4-5 years. (I had totally forgotten about it.) She is a master sewer and I am so thankful for her help as sewing is not my strong point!  This room just seemed to effortlessly come together piece by piece.

The Details

Didn’t these curtains turn out beautiful? They add the finishing touch to the window. This bookcase was in the room before and I just added some storage bins that we already had as well as the girl’s favorite books. The branches in the vintage Kerr jar the girls collected from our yard.  And if you look real close you can see a few of their favorite necklaces hanging from them. I have to give them all the credit for that clever idea!

Also you can see three jars tucked into the top shelf, these jars are labeled save, give and spend.  My mom made a set for each of our 4 kids to keep in their room. I love that they are starting young with being responsible with their money (and so does their banker dad!).  Now lets just see how responsible they are at making their new beds and keeping their room this clean! HA!

The dresser between the girl’s bed is one that I bought at a Denver flea market during my first year of teaching.  It was the color inspiration for the room and I love that they can enjoy it now. The lamps you see on top of the dresser are vintage lamps from my Grandmother and I just adore them. She traveled a lot and brought these home from Hong Kong.  I feel so blessed to have a small piece of her in our home.  She was an amazing lady with obviously incredible taste!  

The lamp shades I purchased from Target along with the animal heads above the girl’s beds.  These heads added a playful aspect and had the girls giggling!  The little Peter Rabbit tea set and books fit perfectly on this old gray tray… and above the tray hangs this gorgeous Jesus sign  from Coffee Crafts and Chaos.  It serves as the perfect reminder for these two sweeties as they wake up or even as they enter their room!  Amen!

Art Update

free best day ever printable

I created this Best Day Ever printable to hang in their room! You can download it for free by clicking HERE!

Best day ever printable

This is the view from the foot of the beds. You may remember these pink peonies from my Spring Home Tour.  I decided to borrow them and place them in my favorite burlap tote from the Farmhouse|Market as they are the perfect accent to this feminine room.

Little girls floral bedding
Girls floral bedding

Stuffed Animals

The girls informed me that I put the wrong stuffed animals on their beds, so those were changed quickly of course!  Goodness! We have so many darn stuffed animals it is hard to keep up with.  I swear they multiply over night (insert eye roll now). Can any of you with small children relate to this struggle?  I’m guessing that is a resounding YES!

Shared girls room
Shared girls bedroom

Shared Girls Room Makeover

Overall this room wasn’t a budget breaker which kept the husband happy and this mom busy doing what she loves…making our house a home. But more importantly, we have two little girls who love their new room and feel cherished, special and know that they are loved. There has already been some jumping on the beds and plenty of fun little girl giggles. This shared girls’ bedroom makeover will be a favorite for a long time.

I hope those giggles will last forever!



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  1. Kelly, I love it all,the colors are terrific together. So bright and fresh. I love the beds.. and who would have thought Wal-Mart!? Love following your home DIY projects!

  2. Kelly, you did an amazing job! I love the tips you give on decorating on a budget. I agree, Walmart has some amazing finds. I am loving your dust ruffles made from drop cloths. What a creative idea.

  3. As usual you did a beautiful job. The room is so cute and perfect for the girls. It shows it was done with lots of love. You are amazing. I love it.

  4. I think the dresser is what people are loving! (Or maybe it’s just me) but yes, this dresser is my inspo for my current dresser make over! Love it



  5. Think the room is adorable! You are so very talented! I’m sure the girls are enjoying having their own beds. Just perfect!

  6. Hi! I’m so inspired with the photos of your daughter’s room makeover. Did you need a box spring for the mattress to sit on? Or did you place the mattress on top of the metal frame? I came across a similar frame style on Target’s website, but the one you posted is way more affordable. Thank you!

    1. Hi Queenie! Thanks for your kind words! I did use a box spring but only because I nailed their bed skirts to it. I don’t think they are totally necessary. Hope that helps!

      1. The link to the quilt at Target isn’t working. Do you know if they no longer offer it in their site?

          1. Could you tell me what the name of the bedding is so that I could look for it elsewehere? It’s so pretty!! Thank you!

  7. I absolutely love this!!! I have 2 toddler girls who share a room and we just recently purchased 2 twin beds for them. We are in the process of moving and it appears their room is going to be much smaller. I was thinking about selling their beds and getting them bunk beds, but after seeing your amazing transformation in what appears to be a smaller room gives me much hope! BTW…I love the colors you chose for their decor!!! Gorgeous!!

  8. Hi! Can I ask what the dimensions are? I am debating trying single beds instead of bunks and am not sure if the room can support it… I’ve measured, but would love to get visual comparison. We have that same bedding, I love it! 🙂 Great Job on the room!

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by. The dimensions of the beds( I hope that’s what you meant) are 79.5″ L x 42.5″W X47″H. I hope that helps and good luck. Isn’t that bedding the best?

  9. Hello! So sweet! I’m in the middle of a mini makeover for my little girls’ rooms too! I was eyeing the pink tile with the 3 glass knobs for hanging – I love it! Did you make it? If not where did you find it?

    1. Hi Janessa! I bet you are having so much fun! I found that pink hanger at Hobby Lobby…but it was a few years ago. I’m sure they still have something similar. Thanks for stopping by! Have fun decorating!

  10. I have the same comforter for my twin girls. Where did you find the mint shams? I am having trouble matchng that color. Thank you!

  11. Love this!!! I know target doesn’t have the bedding anymore, but do you have the name of it? Thank u!

    1. Thank you so much! It was listed as Floral Printed Comforter Set-Xhilaration (this is all the original listing showed) . I hope that helps in your search!

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