How to Easily Organize a Kids Shared Closet


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Today is a big day as I’m finally ready to share the girl’s closet makeover with you! I learned so much installing a new closet from The Container Store and can’t wait to share some incredible tips to help you organize a closet in a shared kids room.How to easily organize a shared kids closet!

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Plus, I am joining a fabulous group of bloggers who are all sharing their own tips and tricks on organizing different spaces in their homes. You can find their links at the end of my post. If you are coming from Kelly’s post over at City Girl Meets Farm Boy, welcome! Isn’t her pantry so inspiring?!

Shared Room

Our two girls share a room and will for many more years, and as you can imagine this creates some space and organization issues. Their bedroom makeover is one of my all time favorites, but the constant mess and unorganized chaos seriously had me researching ideas for help! Let me warn you…the before picture below is pretty scary!

The Before

I had been in The Container Store years ago but always felt overwhelmed by all of their choices. Organizing doesn’t come natural to me ( my husband can attest to this 😉 ) but after checking out their site online and over on Instagram I saw that they offer complimentary in-store design services. This was music to my ears! I walked right in, put my name on a list and waited no more than 5 minutes to talk to a wonderful lady named Karen who specialized in designing their Elfa closets

The Custom Closet Design

She asked my budget, asked the dimensions of my closet and really took the time to ask me what I was needing for the shared closet. Based on the shape and dimensions of our closet she was able to design a system that would work best for us and our space. It was honestly so easy! This is the Elfa shared closet design she created for me. easy closet design for shared kids room The design had me excited! She emailed me all the details; everything from what to order to the assembly directions. She asked if I would need someone to install it for me or if I planned to DIY it. I told her I would DIY it since I had spent my entire budget on the closet itself. She could sense I was nervous and assured me that the Elfa closet system I was looking at was doable on my own. dimensions for shared kids closet

Feeling Confident

I left feeling like I was ready to tackle the closet installation on my own! After showing the design to my husband and girls we decided to go with the design Karen came up with. All of the pieces were promptly shipped to my home and Karen even emailed me personally to see how everything was going. The customer service truly impressed me! (You can watch my Instagram highlight stories for a bit of the behind the scenes of this whole process.) Our first step was removing the old wire shelves that were installed when the house was built. My husband did this part and then I patched the holes. Our sweet pup Kona wanted to help too! 🙂Kona the dog helping install our closet

Neighbor to the Rescue

Once the closet system arrived I was a bit overwhelmed. There were SO many boxes. After reading the directions and sorting the boxes I knew I needed a bit of help. Our awesome neighbor Andrew came over and helped my husband install the top railing system. It was so high in the closet and the only part that ended up being hard.railing for shared kids closet After this step I was able to do the rest all on my own. Karen was right, these closets are easy to install! It all just snapped in and the assembly directions and videos on The Container Store website were extremely helpful and easy to follow! Let’s take one more look at the before.A before view of kids shared closet

Here is The After

a shared kids closet perfectly organized

organized drawers and clothes in shared closet

In Love With Their Closet

The girls LOVE how it turned out and so do I! It inspired them to go through their clothes and decide which ones they really loved. We passed on 4 tubs of clothes to my sister’s girls and donated about three more bags of clothes to a local charity. The ownership they immediately felt of their newly organized and shared closet made this mama happy! They are loving how they can see their clothes and how even though they share the closet, it can be enough space for each of them. I am loving how it is organized and kid friendly.completed shared kids closet

Tips on How To Easily Organize a Kids Shared Closet

  1. Use baskets or tubs for extra storage. These come in so handy for toys, swimsuits, clothes they have grown out of and separating by type of clothing.
  2. Make sure each child sharing the closet has equal space. We decided to split it evenly down the middle. Each girl has two drawers, two hanging areas and their own shelves. This made them both SO happy!
  3. Only keep the currents season’s clothes out. We only have our winter clothes out and the summer clothes are put away until it starts to warm up.
  4. Take advantage of EVERY area in the closet. Under the lowest hanging rack we currently have a basket holding the girls pajamas but we are thinking of adding shoe racks down there instead. On the highest shelves I have stored items for the next season or clothes the girls have grown out of. Shelves are your best friends when it comes to making organizing easy!
  5. Drawers and drawer dividers are a must! Drawers that roll out make accessing clothes easier  and once you place a divider in them you can easily separate different types of garments. I love the instant organization this brings.
  6. Folding and rolling clothes. Not only does this create more space but it allows you to easily see your choices!Organized drawers in kids closet.

One Happy Mama & Two Happy Girls

Our new Elfa closet from The Container Store has me wanting to organize all the closets in our house! I hope you were able to see how easy it really can be to organize a shared kids closet. Do your kids share a room or closet? Please share any organization tips with me that you have found helpful in your home! Next on the organizing blog hop is my friend Lindsay from  Aratari At Home. She is sharing some wonderful tips on how to organize a nursery. Don’t forget to visit my friends links below for even more fabulous organizing tips. Thanks for stopping by today!



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How to easily organize kids shared closet with help from The Container Store!

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  1. Wow! what a transformation! I love that they each have taken ownership of their space. I’m sure the girls are thrilled.
    This is such a fun tour.

  2. Kelly, wow my friend! This closet is an amazing transformation, I can only imagine how excited you all are! The tips you offered when organizing a space like this are invaluable and I bet it truly is working so wonderfully now. It is a joy to join alongside you on this tour!! xoxo-Brendt

  3. Wow! Kelly that’s so awesome that their design services were so helpful. I love how it turned out. Now it’s such a practical space!

  4. Kelly this transformation is AMAZING! You’ve utilized every inch and it looks so much more functional! I also love how you planned it out! Well done! So glad to be on this hop with you friend! XO -Amanda

  5. I adore your re-organized closet! You did a great job putting everything together and explaining what you did. And the Container Store – love them! I have made a lot of online purchases from their store. I’ve never been disappointed with them. I had to return a bunch of items I purchased for my pantry re-org and found that the cost to ship them was prohibitive. I googled and found a retail location about an hour away from me. So I returned my items there and had the opportunity to browse around the store. It is overwhelming; there is so much, I agree! But I love the store and its customer service. They are one of my first go-to’s when I’m looking for storage containers.

    1. Gail your comment made my day! Thank you! Yes, The Container Store and I are now BFF’s for sure! I can’t recommend them enough. My nearest one is also an hour away and that might be a good thing or I would be broke! Ha!

  6. Oh wow! you had your work cut out for you, but you managed to do a great job! Love those Elfa systems and I really love Kona, too!

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